1. #16

    New standalone HL1 engine

    Improved HL1 engine: Can be ESF Final ported to this engine?
  2. Marko1234567888

    ESF Standalone

    Hello guys,just want to would be awesome if you could play ESF:Final with no Half-Life or Steam..just like ordinary game
  3. CUDpwns

    Standalone game

    The way this mod is looking it really should be released as a standalone game, that way i think it would attract more players if it were available on Steam; i know i'd pay for it ;).
  4. P

    ESF to Xbox 360 & as a standalone game

    Hi all fans of ESF I am patr0805 and is now developing ESF to xbox 360 & windows as a game for itself. I couldn't contact the developers of ESF because there isent a email adress, so the only way I can contact them is by making this threat, so I hope you see this. Here is a screenshot of the...
  5. dan_esf_fanatic

    Counter-Strike: Mod or Stand-Alone game?

    This is wierd. Okay, I downloaded Counter-Strike off Steam some time ago. I tried to install esf into it, but it didn't work. But that's another story. Then, my friend gave me the same game, only it was a mod like ESF. Did anyone else here experience this?
  6. imkongkong

    X-buster standalone released?

    a few years ago a lot of really awesome quake 3 mods looked really awesome. one of them was xbuster, if you dont know, here's the old web page anyways, it seems they died and another group sorta took over the project i believe (anyone...
  7. K

    HLDS Standalone

    I use this dedicated server over the one that comes with steam. I had no problem with it for esf 1.1, however when i try to make the server now, it tells me that it is out of date and will not show up on the master list (which it is correct in saying since it does not show up). Does anyone...
  8. C

    standalone server

    is there any standalone servers to download for half life so the host can play on the server.
  9. A

    M.O.D vegeta

    This was made by our own talented J for the mod called M.O.D. And this is one of our maps
  10. A

    Is the Quake 3 mod out?..If so where can u dl it

    I want the Q3 mod!!!!!!!!!! I think its called Savior of strength. Is there any other Dragon Ball mods for it?
  11. Z

    piccolo % krillin

    are there any krillin or piccolo models out there?
  12. S

    Is it possible to render with G Max?

    Well is it possible to render with G Max? Come on. you guys/girls have to tell me. i'll do anything