1. JediOreo

    make esf standALONE mod

    what if esf was a stand alone mod that valve might make a game i mean 10 years of making and it stil needs half life to run thats not right i mean esf could do so much better:smile:;D:D:)
  2. Mastasurf

    Epic Rant!

    Maybe it's just me, but the online gaming community seems to always pick one catch word to describe something that is good and then ends up overusing it to a point where the word loses all worth. Most recently epic has become the preferred catch word for the Internet masses. I'm here to say...
  3. Suh Dude

    Stand up?

    Guess the band and I'll give you a cookie. :p
  4. Pieter Paul Rubens

    X-Men: The Last Stand (Spoilers)

    Saw it yesterday.. Personally, I found it somewhere in between the first and second movie.. Not too bad, but I expected more.. - Cyclopse dies early, hoozah.. Best moment in the movie for me (hate that guy) - Xavier got killed, worst moment in the movie :( He was great and shouldn't have died...
  5. frsrblch

    X-Men 3: The Last Stand Am I the only one gyrating in my seat? I cant ****ing wait for this to come out! I saw Beast, Arch Angel, and, of course, Phoenix. Anyone else see any I missed? Edit: Juggernaught!
  6. Ravendust

    What's the G stand for?

    I was watching the first episode of Invader Zim earlier and I was wondering what the G in GIR actually stands for. I mean, the others are called 'SIR's, as in Standard Information Retrival Unit; SIR. But when Zim's model is made it's called GIR, so what's the G for? Great? Groovy? Garbage? My...
  7. Marauder

    Last stand

    been a while since i posted something.... c&c are very welcom.. (remmember im still a n00b at the 2d :))
  8. S

    Kid Goku problem!

    Well, i made a Kid Goku and i compiled it to MDL, but when i wanted to play esf, the kid goku's skin had all this weird colors!, does anyone know how to fix this, if i cant fix i wont release the model,if it's fixt...i will release it to day. thnx for helping me out! :) :yes:
  9. M


    hey i have been lookin every where to get new models for esf. Since redsaiyan has gonew dowwn i have been at a stand off at getting my models. Do any of yall know where i can get new models.
  10. P

    Stand Still Melee

    When 2 players are standing right next to eachother, holding right click, how is it determined who gets hit? Is it ki bar like when swooping or what?
  11. VivaLaPineapple

    iidx take 2

    yeah comments and critz plz. pure photoshop, and yes it is simple but judge on overal look
  12. S


    Hi. I have no idea how to make a map or what is possible in them, but what about some npc´s who stand around or run away from the evil guys. Like some nameks on the namekmaps or some guys in the budokai maps who stand around the ring... maybe muten roshi and the others :laff: Is that...
  13. Sicron

    I dont under stand

    Well my english isnt taht good so i would hope if some of u ppl could help me with this: the beta 1.2 features what i dont understand are: 1)what is Frieza’s telekinesis 2)what is Multiple ps revisited also for now...
  14. ultrassj_vegeta

    Blue thingy thingo

  15. V


    year the attacks but he ask for bitmaps but where you can find the bitmapss??
  16. DaKD

    Kikyou WIP

    Well now that im done with Vash I was going to move on to Wolfwood, but i decided taht I wanted to try making a female character. So I thought how about Kikyou from Inuyasha. Heres my work so far : about 15 mins
  17. B

    my first model and i cant under stand how to do a pic

    ok i did a model of vegeta after goku threw his small genki deme on him in dbz (sorry if someone did that already) and now i want to do a pic what do i need to do?:cry: :cry: :cry:
  18. Alex_b77

    stand still activity

    Weird name for a post i know..... but i didnt know how else to say it. Anyways, with buu if you stand still for a while, he starts to do a weird dancing thing, why not with the other characters??? (Not dancing, but something anyway)
  19. K


    a GT goku and SSJ because every one makes it ssj4 and i cant stand ssj4
  20. A

    Piccolo Model (High Quality)

    Hey There, We're working on a very nice Piccolo model, we need help with it.. so far we've done is his head, his cape and his shoulder pads... so we might need some serious help... You can check out the pictures on: Http:// So if you think you can...