1. D

    Goku's Stance?

    I got bored after like 20 mins of findin when i had a high enough PL i switched back and forth of non-ssj to ssj....and i found that ssj goku has a WIDER STANCE than non-ssj goku.....just some extra info :p lol
  2. We$$ide

    re-animations for beta 1.1???

    in beta 1.1 are some new attacks, but shouldn't some models be reanimated like goku with his kame torpedos? *edit* i mean models which are made like the ssj2, ssj3 goku ect.
  3. S

    Model help

    How do you put models in the game like the one you can download.
  4. D

    Backflip animation

    this took me about two hours to make, i think its pretty good to say i only started playing with animation this week it looks much better in game because youre actually moving backwards where as in milkshape he kinda floats on the spot oh well, have fun ^_^...