1. Super Veggeto

    Battle Stadium DON

    Just got the game, it's really really fun, actually suprised me =D Anyway, for those who dont know it's a fighting game featuring characters from Dragonball Z, Naruto and One Piece. Really crazy stuff, every character has it's famous signature moves! You can use different weapons from...
  2. Skyrider

    Pokemon Stadium 2 & Transfer Pak

    The question is rather easy: Can i, Can't i use that Transer Pak with Pokemon Stadium 2?
  3. SSjGohan12345

    stadium level in esf?

    Is there a stadium level in esf like the one in sven co-op?
  4. D

    request: Dark Makai Tournament Stadium

    I didnt see any request thread or sticky here but I was thinking if some1 was willing to try making the Dark Tournament Coliseum/Stadium from Yu Yu Hakusho, it feels like the perfect map for esf.
  5. thor

    good map

    its good but needs to be lighter and put more detail in it and it will be great also make the stadium seats higher
  6. MrMasj

    Trying to make a map

    I´m trying to make a Martchal Arts Arena if any one has some pics of tournamnet there i can se how it looks. Please send this pics to me iwant to buld it perfect.
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