1. G

    i need

    I need some nice models for ESF please give me a mirror(My english isn't so good because i'm from germany)
  2. U

    Models for Alpha

    Hi there! I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get some new models for the Alpha characters. I'm just tired of playing with the same looking cast, and couldn't find any really interesting/original models on the net (including the red Saiyan site) I'm not asking for creation of models...
  3. Effigy

    Request of SSJ proportions

    Umm.... I suppose this is where ure meant to put in your OWN models, but this is a request... does ne1 have a ssj brolli model? cause i really want one... plz thnx neway
  4. S

    Model help

    How do you put models in the game like the one you can download.
  5. T

    how do you play as ssj3 goku model

    how do you play as the goku ssj3 model
  6. Majin Vegeta 05

    Majin vegeta model

    can some 1 get me a pic of a majin vegeta model
  7. Majin Vegeta 05

    Trojan Hack over MSN disguised as SSJScript

    ok there is this guy that added me on MSN and he sent me the SSJ script 5.0 or something and it was a virus warining all don't let [email protected] add you thanks all ps your a fag!!!
  8. R

    SSJ Script !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Where can I fínd the ssj script 5.5 ?
  9. R

    Where I find skins ?

    Where i can find the gohan, krillin and buu - skin ?????? When I play the game i have grey model.......... Please Help :cry:
  10. G


    HI! i want the new ssjscript, but redsaiyanmod is currently down and the official page has no mirror does anyone have/know another download mirror??
  11. J


    Where the jesus to I get this script. The regular site is down....
  12. G

    Where i get SSJScript?

    HI ;D Sorry for my english: Know somebody where i get the SSJ SCRIPT ? What's the newest version of esf...and where i get i only see forum ;D thx ^^