1. .Maze

    SSJGoku83's Server.

    Hi. Maybe some of you know my Server. Well anyway im kinda lagging ideas what for maps i could add and what for Amxx Plugins etc... Dunno if thats the right part of the Forum to post this but mehhh.:p So any ideas what for Amxx Plugins and Maps ? (Amxx 1.76 and downgradable.^^)
  2. majin uub

    for ssjgoku83

    idk if this is the right place for this but cut me some slack im sick, goku in your sig you have 2 model packs, are they allowed to be released to the public?
  3. .Maze

    >.< Yai SSJGoku83 its MY birthday -_-

    Crying for ESF forum attention ;D Im not so well know yet XD Congrats too me anyway ;D
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