1. S

    goku ssj6 evil form the new dragonball AF

    i could not get the hair right
  2. S


    Hey i was just looking on the DEV JOURNALS and i came across Darktooths Dev Journal and it has all tabs from ss1 down to ssj6 i click on it but nothing loads up what is up with that ? is darktooth a coder Skinner or lier ?
  3. NeLo

    SSJ6 Goku??

    ok wtf happened to my model topic?? I was gone for like 2 hours and 2 pages of flames popped up and prof was banned. What the hell went wrong?? My topic got locked b4 i could get back on topic. Damn that was a BIG war. I know this is gonna get locked but all i ask is for a reason y did my topic...
  4. Bryggz

    I know it doesnt exist, but wouldnt it be interesting as hell??(new model)

    Hey guys I wanna know if you'd guys like me to make a ssj3 GOHAN. Since seeing s-bolts ssj2 gohan.......ive been thinking about what he'd look like as ssj3......if not, im gonna make him ssj3 either way and edit him to look like gotenks ssj3, gimme some input, eh?
  5. A

    SSJ6 Goku?

    Here guys this will be fair
  6. Damaera

    SSJ6 Goku?

    Here guys this will be fair
  7. NeLo

    SSJ6 Goku

    Logan if ya could make a SSJ 6 Goku. The pic is in the one u set up for us when u made the ssj5 goku. Cuz id really think that would look awsome with my 10x Kamehameha! So if ya would create this model for meh plz :D Btw if Logan cant do it...