1. T

    any ssj4goku models?

    Just wuss wanting to no if theres any ssj4 skins out there i cant find not to both model sitess have none.
  2. N

    Sig made by me and tha ssj4goku

    hey all me and ssj4goku made this sig on a 15min time he choose the picture and color and i made the background what do you think of it as an fast art work ? :smile:
  3. M

    ssj4 goku

    does any one have ssj 4 goku because i checked redsayain and it hardly moves its crap
  4. S

    Please Tell Me Where I Find These!

    Ok please someone tell me where i find ssj4 goku ssj2 gohan ssj3 goku (not from red saiyan) and ussj trunks and ussj vegeta AND ussj goku thats all please respond! bye
  5. DaKD

    SSJ4-Goku & Vegeta

    Well tonight im gonna begin my SSJ4's and ill have some pics up soon By the way does anyone even want SSJ4's?
  6. fatmanterror

    Namek SSJ Goku WIP

    hey everybody i changed my ssj4goku into regular ssjgoku, just because i wanted one. tell me what u think, i think im almost done, just a couple of skin fixes and it should be done, id say for a first model and skin its okay, but thats just my opinion, so tell me how to make it better SSJ Goku