1. )V(ajinjosh

    Request: ssj2goku model

    hi can somone please make me a ssj2goku out of this picture please because i am getting board of the other ssj2 goku models and i realy want a good ssj2 goku model plzzzzzz ;D
  2. W

    EVM! when does it come?? ^_^ 10x and 10q

    Waaaaaaaaazzzzzzzuuuuppppppppp????!?!!?!?!?!?!!??!! someone know when EVM (an ESF patch thet give u ssj2gokun and ssj3goku and kaiokan!) well??? who know???!?!?!
  3. S

    Were can i DL the following??

    does any one no were i can download a ssj2 goku.. an ussj trunks. i realy wish to play these 2! can any one help me??:scared: (for esf)
  4. fatmanterror

    little project on a boring day

    well i was bored so i did an ssj2 goku, i reskinned the gi pants cause i never liked em much, and i know its too red, but thats because i like it that way and i dont have to be completely accurate just copy and paste the address
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