1. S

    Can you guy add ss2 ss3 ss4 goku?

    Can you guy add super saiyan 2 super saiyan 3 super saiyan 4 goku?
  2. G

    SS4 Goku????

    Is it possible to get SS4 Goku on ESF?
  3. F

    What are some good ss4 vegeta models?

    I was wondering, cause the ones on ESF-world look funky... Also please post the link.. ty
  4. B

    ss4 Plugin

    How do you turn supersaiyan four in a game. I got the plug in.
  5. crazykorean10

    SS4 Gogeta Sprites

    Ok this is my last thread till awhile i edited some sprites and got SS4 Gogeta one if you every use any of these GIVE ME CREDIT cause i am the one who edited <img src="" width="511" height="82" alt="Image Hosted by" /> as you can i am not...
  6. crazykorean10

    SS4 gonna be in ESF?

    I am a SS4 fanatic so i would be pleased if there was so i was wonderig if esf was gonna mkae a later patch that has SS4 or is 1.3 last one?
  7. crazykorean10

    SS4 Goku

    Well i made a SS4 Goku not complete and can people give me tips on making the hair and head porportion of it kinda hard My Pic is REALLY SMALL b/c i was planning to make it as a 6 bit sprite <img src="" alt="Image Hosted by" /> Plz tell...
  8. L


    Hello, Well I installed esf 1.2 and I was looking inside the folder. I found the About Songs.txt file. It says you removed songs(s1.wav, s2.wav, s3.wav, s4.wav) because they took too much space. Well I can add them manually, but why should I? Those songs are just for in-game mp3player or do...
  9. B

    ss4 ss3 for chars who didnt go in the show

    Even though Gohan and Trunks never went ss3 or ss4 he should and it would be kinda cool if they could turn into the monkey. Trunks should be able to go ss3 and ss4 just design them ur selfs or have a contest and the best picture of ss3 gohan and trunks and ss4 gohan and trunks u guys could use
  10. Kreshi

    Maybe BD- Goku (normal- SS3, maybe also SS4) WIP

    Hmm... I have write in another thread about this model, with another "thread- reason" and now I have maked alsmost the same thread again, but now as a WIP- model- thread^^ I have changed the whole shoulders and have finished the back of the model! The back is much more detailed as you can...
  11. t he OnE Z Er0

    SuPer SS4 Adition pack released

    I need some one to host it for me so u could download it:devgrin:
  12. Ultra33Gokussj3

    SS4 Vegetto

    Mean i just had an idea , that i do a ss4 Vegetto from Neds The model s fine , but not finished , the bones needs to bee assigne , i didnt know if i could use ned s vegetto , if not , i wont release it! Credit to: Ned - Legs + Head Azn - Body Heres a pic
  13. D

    which ss4 is the strongest

    which super saiyan 4 do you think is the strongest
  14. M

    Help with SS4 Gogeta

    i just download a gogeta pack off redsaiyan and it came with a normal gogeta, a ssj gogeta, and a ssj4 gogeta to replace goku, and i dont know where to put the ssj4 gogeta.mdl
  15. 4xMega-Saiyajin

    Ok guys who can createGOKU4 ???

    I hope Vassago will answer me cuz i ever trie to get an answer from him ;)
  16. S

    who reackons someone should make a ss3 or ss4 script?

    that would be pretty kewl havn a ss3 or ss4 script
  17. K

    hey read this please android 16

    hey can iasku a favor well i wanted to know if u could make me another sig with ssj4 bebi vegeta firing a ki wave on theright side and goku ssj4 firing a super kamehameha wave and in the background make it like a bluish red lava type of layout and make silver lettering in the background middle...