1. G

    Square Soft's greatest games

    Im sure all of you have heard of Square Soft, they made all the final fantasy games, chrono trigger, and many more that i dont care to name. but what are their greatesr games? Obviously final fantasy 3/6 is the greatest, but so is chrono trigger. but about the others such as FF VII, FF VIII...
  2. S

    man i love drawing a goku!!!

    the title is from ninja turtles, the real movie - not the cartoon. i changed it abit... anyways......... tell me what do u think of my "goku profile" its a "rene"... :)
  3. Phobius

    Phob's new look.

    Well check out my new sig and avatar done by the one and only Ryoko my best buddy. :D /me snuggles up to ryoko and never lets go.
  4. Ryoko

    Ryoko - Chilled Perception

    Latest wallpaper. Didn't spend too long on it and I kinda got stuck with what to add ~_~ Comments or critism welcome.
  5. Rebirah

    sky is square and I can see different textures in the sky too.

    What the subject says.... ^^^^ If you need to know... I have a geforce 2 mx 200 and use opengl mode heres a pic of the square sky ill put a oic of the textures in the sky later..
  6. I

    plz comment my new sig

    hey guys! i just finished my new sig in 3dsmax 4. plz tell me what you think about it.
  7. owa

    Photoshop 7 Help!

    Hey, Well I'm tryign to make a character thing like the one for Red sayin (well not liek it my own made up character just somthing like SPiN| Created) you lal know what I'm talking about right? its I guess you could say Redsayin's Mascot :p But ok I wanna know if there is a way to make a...
  8. S

    models in maps?

    so i wanna know why is the model (a playermodel) so small when i put it into the map with the env_model enity an how can i correct this. thx Snake
  9. SA_Gohan

    SSJ4 Goku

    This is my first really high poly model. It has about 800 vertices. What do you think? http://dba.gamepoint.net/images/ssj4goku_1.jpg
  10. G

    the improved model

    heres my model and I really REALLY! want to know something. well first give me some feedback, second when i make a model should i make like vegeta's suit jut out or trunks jacket or should i just do that with the skin? I would really really! like to know please tell me.
  11. L

    Help Me Please

    ok i just got milkshape and i made a square!!!!!!!! my best model .but now i am completely stuck does have a tutorial they can e-mail me or a site that has good tutorials on it pleeeasseee i wanna make ssj3 goku
  12. Darkness


    do u use milkshape if so could you help me
  13. xstortionist

    my blank-man model for my online comic

    here he is. I just started this last week but i haven't really been able to work on him cause ive been busy with baseball and my enw web page. i've spent about a whole 30 minutes on him.
  14. Darkness

    Milkshape problems

    Whenusing milkshape if i try to set a background it just appears as a white square how can I fix this this happens with any picture i try as well can someone other any help