1. Synth

    Bombing in Times Square

    http://www.cnn.com/2008/US/03/06/times.square/index.html - This is about as a pathetic as an attack can get. But, the media will blow it out of proportion as much as they can. It's sad that the media helps terrorists without realizing it, for the most part.
  2. M

    Square Method?

    I recently got back into mapping, though I've lost all creativity at the moment, plus I'm just as clueless about a lot of things as ever. Originally, I had a problem with making terrain out of triangles, unfortunately I still do. So, I decided to download GenSurf to see how the terrain is...
  3. Sicron

    More Square Enix goodness for PSP!!

    http://forum.esforces.com/showthread.php?t=70485 http://forum.esforces.com/showthread.php?t=70456 Those threads both discuss new games coming to the PSP from Square Enix. Top thread for Star Ocean, bottom thread for FFVII Crisis Core. But there is another game coming from Square Enix. A...
  4. Eon

    Square Enix Licenses Unreal Engine

    Source: http://www.gamespot.com/news/6164718.html
  5. veqeta

    I Need a Very Newb and easier guide on how to install esf from square 1.

    hi i've tried doing installing esf the way it says on the sticky but i don't understand it that much, i would appreciate it if someone could post a very simple guide on how to install esf from square 1. many thanks.
  6. B

    Square Enix to enter console race ?

    Im wondering about recently: does anyone else think that maybe Square is scared by Sony's recent decisions? If you've noticed, Square has really upped the ante on making Nintendo games nd are even making a new 360 game there are four Nintendo system games in production, two DS and two Wii. and...
  7. |Overlord|

    Windows Crash in Times Square

    http://theinquirer.net/?article=29832 Dam, I wonder who exactly they should put the blame on, themselves for possibly ethier not maknig sure the box was running fine or a error or flaw that we are not aware of in Direct X.
  8. Blademaster


    how come when i make a .spr it is a square?!?!!? i mad eone today and its a square!1
  9. Blademaster


    i made this .spr today and its Square!!!>!>!!!?!? why is it square!?!?!?
  10. Sunslayer

    The little square thingy next to your post number

    i am guessing that you guys will be beating the guts out of me fore this, but what does that little green square mean? i see something like "Sunslayer has talent, but has a lot of work to do (10)" on mine... what does that number mean?
  11. T


    critz tooik me about a hour
  12. V

    WIP : Setsuna

    I discovered ESF 2 days ago, and I enjoyed the game. So I decided to make an original model^^ It’s Setsuna from psychic force 2012. There’s still some errors in anatomy ,and the polycount is probably too high for Half life... But I have the (bad?)habit to fix the mesh during the...
  13. catfish

    THink i found a little bug in esf_city

    Ther eis a building in esf_city... it is just near a spawn point that is on top of a medium-height building. The building *NEXT* to the building with the spawn point on top of it, has got like a hole taken out of it. This is not the bug. If you fly above that building with the hole (it's...
  14. God Gundam

    goku- blue outfit wip

    i dunno, i got bored earlier today, and this is what i came up with, took a half hour to make, but oh well it works for me i guess, i did arms odd, made them like neds vegettos in a way, so i could experiment with how they animate but oh well, crits as of this point.
  15. S

    bigger kamehameha

    check this out. i made the kamehameha sprite as big as it could get with sprite veiw and wizard. ill have a download limk vey soon. :)
  16. suicidal_maniac

    See What You Can Do With Paint!!!

    Ok i saw what that other guy did with paint. So ive decided to make a thread on it. Try and use Paint (and only paint) to make something. I dont care what it is. I just wanna see what all these uber good artists can do with stone age technology. Im going to make something too. Ill show it later...
  17. DiebytheSword

    Atomic Divisions Marine for Contact Imminent

    Contact Imminent marine Do not use without permission. Crits?
  18. H

    photoshop question

    i have photoshop 7, and have been using it for a while now and im pretty good at it. i've been seeing a bunch of people making pieces that have little square grids on them, and i was wondering how u made them. im currently working on a bg for my CS clan and i needed to know how to do that if...
  19. Bryggz

    MY version of gotenks/ssj/ssj3

    hey guys i guess this is my final build for gotenks model/ssj/ssj3, all i need is to have it skinned, but before i hark for metro-tek (he said he'd do it before, cool eh?) ill take any last remarks/crude comments/constructive criticism to make it better, thx click here for updated pic...
  20. |Da|K|


    Hello critz on my new sig plz.... AND YES THAT IS PIKKON THE ONE AND ONLY BIZNATCH!!!!!!