1. Plakman

    Source Spray generator

    Hello there, My question is not about esf but i have no idea where to put it. It's about making a picture working ingame in left 4 dead 2. I managed to get it working once but it's friggin killin me right now -.-" found a program to create tags but it's only for the regular half-life not...
  2. K

    Current Source Game Spray

    Just curious, what do you guys think? And yes, by "spray" I mean the thing you spray on walls and whatever else you feel like putting it on in-game.
  3. veqeta

    How Do I Make a Custom Spray Image??

    hi, i was wondering what programs and things do i need to make a custom spray for esf, thanks.
  4. NinJa HunteR

    How to make and put in ESF your Custom Spray (Mini-Tutorial).

    Hi, Well i guess some of the people here want to know how to have your Custom Spray Paint Right? Well Let's Begin: 1.- Making the WAD File: Download Half-Life logo creator 1.0 http://www.edgefiles.com/files/5761.html Install it and Run it, Since it's the first time you run it it...
  5. SuperDragonFist

    Spray painting in esf?

    ....the title says it all....can you spray paint your logos in esf? if you can could you post the bind to do it. Thanks in advance.
  6. Abhorsen

    Spray Paints in steam

    i need help putting custom spray paints in the game with steam. i looked throught the files but i cant find the right folder.Can someone tell me what file i need to look in.
  7. S

    Spray Painting Images Help

    I seen some guy in a server i think spray painting images on the wall and was wondering if anyone knew how to do it?!? :]
  8. -{VC}- sWiTcH

    sWiTcH's Spray Service

    So you've found out the command to spray a logo ("impulse 201"), but now what? Well I've started a service for the lazy. Ill turn any picture into a color decal, or ill make one personally. Or, if you want some standard decals (the ones that are only one color) ill turn any set of pictures...
  9. Stanz

    No Spray?

    I do know of a way to use the spray in esf but why was it disabled by default and taken out of the controls menu? I know how they can be annoying ruining textures and stuff and covering them all with that but wouldnt it be better to have the server choose whether to have them or not? (I believe...
  10. M

    spray paint

    My spray paint wont work on counter-strike or esf:cry: Is there somethin I can do to fix it ?? ??:confused:
  11. Altron


    Hey, I want to request that someone make a spray for me because whenever I seem to do it, it comes out all blurry. If you can spare some of your valuble time to do me this favor please leave your email addy and ill send you the pic i want in it. Or you can just give me tips on how to make it...
  12. Shuyin

    Paint Spray Logo's

    Does anyone know where to find decent paint sprays?
  13. MasterTrix

    about that spray

    the thread about how u spray in ESF was closed so i start a new one. i did what i should do (in console typr bind ...) now i can hear him spray but i can't see it ...:p normal ?? -------------------------------------- °Seek and Destroy° The NightShade will come and take your spirit away.
  14. Abhorsen

    Help with Logo

    Hey i was making my own logo for half-life, and i made the pic and it comes up in the section when you chose your logo,but when i spray it the pic is just one solid color and its suppose to half like 5, What iam i doing wrong
  15. S

    Clan Logo

    i made a logo for my bf clan, whadda ya'll think? clan = STS (silver talon sqaudron)
  16. Deman

    enable the spray logo!!!

    the subject says it all... nothing is cooler than spraying a logo on a wall just for the fun of it.
  17. Epedemic_Optikz

    Esf Spray Paint Logo

    How do you Spray Paint A Logo On Esf But Like A Picture Of Ur Sig Or Other Kind Of Picture.I've Done It Before But I Lost Program And I Forgot How To Do It. Thank You For Your Time.:]
  18. P

    Spray.... PAINTS????

    I'm lookin for a ton of sweet dbz spraypaints of goku, vegeta, gohaan, and majin vegeta thx for the help... -=Pv=-Kaa'
  19. Son Goten

    my logo

    i play counter strike(dont' b*tch at me) and this is the spray i made for it. like it?? my name is [Mope]Majin_Goose in the game....