1. J

    What is the best video game system to play Madden football and other sports games?

    I haven't owned a video game system since the Super Nintendo. I am interested in buying a more modern one to play Madden football and probably some other sports games. What is the best video game system to play those on?
  2. Optimus Prime

    EA Sports New Hockey Game, NHL Collective Bargaining Agreement 2006.

    The players association won't budge. The NHL won't budge. Who are you siding with? Are the NHL's demands too high? Or are the players just being greedy? --- Personally, I think the players are being a little ridiculous. The salary-caps only majorly affect the supertsars who make too much...
  3. Catman

    Sports sig request

    can someone make me a sig with the eagles (football team) i dont really have any good pics u can choose. Thanks in advance
  4. N

    My map ideas

    As some of you know that I am a crazy/creative here are some of my crazy ESF map ideas...I'll see which one gets the more votes and may be my fellow mappers would work on it...
  5. Vegeta's Briefs

    Sports Card collections

    I haven't been collecting cards a whole lot, and had infact started a little before Christmas, but I have a lot of cards that I don't know who the people on them are!! Anyways, post your card collections, and then tell me if my sports cards are worth anything :] Basketball Cards: Harold...