1. Zeonix

    The Pope Has Spoken

    http://mcvuk.com/Pope-condemns-video-games Emperor Palpatine has spoken! I'm sure he chose his words carefully, but anyone with a vendetta of sorts against video games is going to consider his response as complete and utter agreement with their views. I mean, he's the freaken...
  2. Wangster

    first 3D wallpaper

    there was a treath that explained to make 3d wall, so i used it to make this one, tell me what you think of my wall paper, give me some crits. thnx greetz, Wangster
  3. A

    normal gohan model

    its my best model :) i work 19 hours on it and???
  4. I

    Goten!!!!...a fusion member^_^

    http://dynamic4.gamespy.com/~bidforpower/forum/attachment.php?s=&postid=144426 check it out..and don't be lasy.... and here a flatshaded pic (when he wasn't finished