1. Sicron

    [Spoilers]Naruto 136 & 137 [Anime]

    Seeing as we havent had a thread about 136 and 137, ill make it now in one thread :p the new filler arc has started, it will probably last 5-6 episodes from what ive heared...well 136 started a bit stupid, jiraiya on his perverted tour again, some of the drawings were bad...but 137 looked...
  2. Sicron

    [Spoilers]Naruto -- Manga 239

    Well i think this manga chapter let us know how kakashi got his sharingan...obito died(atleast thats what adult kakashi said) and obito says he in an uchiha, so as soon as obito dies i think kakashi gets his sharingan...but what i dont get is...if u look at this chapter it looks like kakashi is...
  3. Sicron

    [Spoilers]Naruto - 106

    well this filler wasnt even that bad imo, finally this is the last filler!! SPOILER ALERT ooow naruto and sasuke are gonna fight next time =o w00t END SPOILER
  4. A

    [Spoilers]Naruto Manga 236

    I just read Manga 236.
  5. Sicron

    [Spoilers]Naruto - 105

    what did u think of it? fianlly the fillers are coming to a end...i think 1 or 2 more eps and they will go on with the sotry again...im waiting for what happens in the fight between Aoi and Naruto X-x
  6. Sicron

    [Spoilers]Naruto - 104

    What did u guys think about this ep? that rasengan water tornado whats....evil \o/