1. bapplebo

    *Spoilers*Bleach 60 Anime

    Wow. It revealed a lot of which I was thinking : ' Damn Gin killed Aizen! '. Then he comes back, kills Hinamori, then shows off his Soul Slayer and moves along. I was expecting a better Bankai from the white-haired captain (names are hard to remember.. argh) although it was a good episode in...
  2. jp

    *spoilers*Bleach 58 anime

    Finally, he released it... I just seen it and.. wow, this one was awesome, i've really been waiting for this episode, and I'm not disapointed. The end though, makes me wanna see 59 real bad! what do you guys think what will happen?(for those who haven't read the manga yet, like me)
  3. Sicron

    [Spoilers]Bleach 57[Anime]

    Yay, loved this episode (well actually, only the last few minutes :p, finally some more ichigo action) and it seems we all will get to see ichigos bankai next episode (or for us manga readers, ANIMATED!)....cant wait for next episode...need to think of something to kill time for another week =\