1. Nemix

    [SPOILER] / surprize :P

    ok before i go to sleep i just wanna post this :P just forget about that fish !!! ill assign it to recoomes bones xD like it :?
  2. Skyrider

    Spoiler BB Tag/Code added upon Request.

    Delta private messages me with a request that a spoiler tag should be added on the forums as it would be quite useful. Well, just wanted to let you all know I've added it on the forums. Heck, it wasn't even a real plugin either ^_^... In any case, use the following code: With result, you...
  3. Enix

    Deidara CG [SPOILER]

    I haven't posted something in the artwork section in awhile XD.... I got really bored after I read that latest naruto manga chapter and CGed a page from it that I thought was pretty badass.
  4. H

    Lucifer the Satan VS Anubis [spoiler]

    they both are the most evil and powerful villain(god) in history. what do you think if they match up and fight and who'll win??
  5. H

    non common anime thread [spoiler]

    ever since the anime show had conquer the golden time of tv schedule in north america and even have their own television channel but the anime people known still cant leave without naruto, dbz, yoyo hogosho, bleach....ect now can can everyone share the non common anime that you know.
  6. PiXel

    [Spoiler] Sasuke Shippuuden

    Uhm , just a small project for my start into my new notebook, its abit harder to work with a notebook since i dont have a proper mouse, i hope i will get one soon enough. The wires and Mesh: and i started on the highpoly ,_, (i will use the highpoly version only to bake me the spots...
  7. S

    Naruto Question (Spoiler Thread)

    In the upcoming Shippuden movie ( release date august 4, 2007 ) Naruto is going to die, or at least it seems like Naruto dies. Found this short trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ir6o68lVs0&mode=related&search= In the trailer Naruto is attacked by what looks to be, the Akatsuki...
  8. Arsenovicius

    [SPOILER] Holow Ichigo Powerup .v. 2

    Oh well i heard very nice critic from my first attempt with that aura :) Lets see... It has empty space..yeah and probably you may thing bad lighting too.. also render is bad cutted..But i think i love it already :yes: see it your self ^^...
  9. Suh Dude

    Children of Men (Spoiler)

    Wow, I gotta say this movie kinda reminded me of Half-Life a little... overall, I think this movie is fantastic, and probably another best movie i've ever seen. !!!SPOILER!!! What made me pissed off is that guy Theo died at the end before the boat came. THE BLACK GUY HAD TO SHOOT HIM IN THE...
  10. dan_esf_fanatic

    Funniest moments in Anime. SPOILER WARNING!!!

    SPOILER WARNING!!! What were the top two funniest moments in anime for you? For me they're both from Naruto. 1. When Jiraiya told Naruto: "You're quite sexy when you get undressed." I laughed for an HOUR after that one!!! :laff: :laff: :laff: 2. When Naruto made Kakashi and Jiraiya out...
  11. S

    Sasori (naruto spoiler)

    Hey guys! thought i'd post my latest naruto fanart in here. people that dont read the manga probably wont recognise this dude. His name is sasori,. hope you like it :D
  12. wheres_

    Bleach BG *spoiler*

    Nothing ultra serious, I was just reading through the latest manga, decided it was awesome, and wanted to see it most of the time :p. I know it's totaly brush and filter happy. A rather noob effort, but for some reason I don't mind looking at it.
  13. Phobius

    [Spoiler Alert]24 the show discussion.[Spoiler Alert]

    Alright so far what does everybody think of this season so far? I think this season started off great and is getting even better by the episode although since I've been watching this show since season 1 I'm guessing everything that is going to happen before hand and most of my guesses have...
  14. C

    Nara Shikamaru (3 year gap, *spoiler* on the looks)

    http://img150.imageshack.us/img150/7113/12344wh.jpg 4950 +/- Polycount. I probably could have saved some poly if I didn't add some details like I did but I prefer it this way lol. Comments please.
  15. Killface

    Batista Update!!! (warning - spoiler for smackdown!)

    I was gonna post this in the Cena lost thread, but I didn't think anyone would check it out, so i made a new one. all of the info is at www.wwe.com. Kurt angle is the new champ and Batista re-tore his right tricep... again. They have a video of his surgery here . Im not sure if it will work...
  16. S

    Bleach 54 SPOILER

    It was subbed within 5 hours by [Please don't mention subbing groups by name] Ok, i'll tell you this much. I got a stroke after seeing this. The way ichigo stopped the Soukyoku and all, His mantle made him look like Cloud Strife from the KH game. Here's a shot with the mantle. Makes...
  17. J

    Final Fantasy: Advent Children. SPOILER THREAD!

    who votes Reno and Rude for the best character slots? seriously, the whole movie was insanely good, but those two really brought be back to how they acted in the game hehe, especially the look on Rudes face when Reno breaks his glasses hahaha XD to be honest, there are very few things i...
  18. Suh Dude

    Man Commits Suicide After Learning Harry Potter Spoiler

    "I No Longer Have a Reason to Live," Says Despondent Potter Fan A rabid Harry Potter fan took his life yesterday after inadvertently learning a plot spoiler from the soon-to-be-released J.K. Rowling opus, “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.” Jude Ralston, 32, of Hudson, Ohio...
  19. Mr. Phonso

    slight spoiler - Naruto [WIP]

    this is the naruto from the late manga hair isnt welded
  20. Cold Steel

    [Spoiler] Bleach 39 [Anime]

    Awesome, just awesome. I'm quite curious what kind of role the alter ego in Ichigo's realm will play later on.