1. dutchmeat

    SpiritBomb feature

    Hey, If others going to make more suggestions, then I will do also. Everyone knows that goku can kill everyone with a spiritbomb, but that's because one major 'feature' in the series. And that's because, in the series, all the enemies can't escape the spiritbomb. So my suggestion is...
  2. KYnetiK

    SpiritBomb absorption

    I have a suggestion for a Goku attack, its not really necessary, but Ive had it in my head for years now.. Inspired by DBZ Movie 7, When Goku is charging a large spiritbomb, and you have perfect trans, hitting transform you will use the spiritbomb instead as a hardcore kiblob-like explosion...
  3. U

    super spiritbomb....

    why not make a bigger spiritbomb? but it travels down more slower. and if someone else fires a powerful beam at it, it will push it back towards the sender, then the sender could fire a beam at the spirit bomb and it result in a big power struggle :P. then after a while the spirit bomb would...
  4. K

    my spiritbomb charge sound.

    thsi is my spiritbomb charge sound if you want to use it then just right click and save target as its the file that says spiritbomb charge. http://www.geocities.com/supersaiyanvegetasan/temporarypreviewfile.html?1084656673104
  5. V

    Spiritbomb idea

    spirt bombs power shouldnt be the same in all maps. try to imagine this thing :notice: you are playing destroyede namek map.theres nothing to spare ki with you.but you still can make a spirit bomb the same powerfull like in others maps with alot grass , trees ant other things.in maps there...
  6. L

    new spiritbomb

  7. U

    spiritbomb charge time and some other attacks..

    this idead would also stop the spam of firing spiritbombs.. in some of the series and movies they always say that goky needs to charge the bomb fully to fire it.. so im suggesting tha you can only fire the SB when its fully charged. maybe it could be a little stronger then but i dont know...
  8. PiXel

    cool spiritbomb but ...

    i played with bots online and i^ve got the bots version 3.0 so i played and once the bot make a spiritbomb it looks so cool it was not normaly so i make a scrreennshott but can some one make the picture online for a short time icq: 175569116 email: [email protected] ;/
  9. M

    Spiritbomb as Super-Saiyan

    how about that? as it would be a heavy move you would have to make it that way that it drains all of your energy and needs to be charged very long! Goku absorbs it and gets very strong for a short time! when it's over he could be exhausted for maybe 5-10sec that his victims get the chance for...
  10. sexyasian86

    Request: King Kai

    i was wondering, with all this kai stuff happening in the other threads if anyone can make a King Kai model/skin teehehe ^_^ sounds like it could be fun, right? :D just a random request. peace outs:idea:
  11. D

    look at this huge spirit bomb!!

    check out this huge spirit bomb: http://www.geocities.com/dan2828282001/esf_falls0004.bmp http://www.geocities.com/dan2828282001/esf_falls0003.bmp
  12. MSF

    Battle Damaged Goku

    [email protected], i have worked the last 2 days on a battle damaged Goku and ssj Goku here the Link for the model. please write what you thing about this. ps. thanks to AZN for the battle damage Gohan and the ESF team for this Goku model
  13. Z

    2nd earthlike spiritbomb ???

    What does this mean?
  14. U

    why can't i make a spiritbomb and why stops the game in the middle of a fight

    ssf why can't i make a spiritbomb and why stops the game in the middle of a fight HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!:cry: :cry: :
  15. T

    Is it possible to fix the game from freezing when goku does the spiritbomb?

    everytime i enter a game somebody uses a spirit bomb... is there a patch or SOMETHING at all i can do to make it so goku CAN use the spiritbomb?
  16. [SSj]~Piccolo

    Problems with Spiritbomb

    Everytime I try a Spiritbomb my HL exits and I can't restart it before I restart Windows. Does anybody else have this problem? Does anybody know how to solve it? If this helps: My GC is a GeForce 4 Ti 4200 by MSI
  17. O

    Goku's spiritbomb

    Just watched the dbz episode with freeza and goku. There u see Goku doing the spiritbomb ( wow ! ) I was just thinking that in esf goku his spiritbomb is way to weak. it should be able to destroy everything What attack do you guys like the most? I like the kameamea allot to Btw can...
  18. H

    Help needed for HLGuard support

    So .. I need some model filename .. like 'models/p_knife.mdl' crowbar or knife model would be best oh .. and I need moddir name too :)
  19. U

    spiritbomb bugger??

    I KNOW THIS SHOULDNT be in the "suggestions" forum but while im here has anyone ever used the spirit bomb and for some reason it dosent take ki?? i find myself always on the top of the map with fly on and looking down at the little vegetas with a full powered spiritbomb....and only losing my...