1. Kaination

    Now I know how women felt with the Old Spice guy... ;_;

    ******* ;_; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0LGW8urTOs
  2. dman86

    Ginyu Force & Spice Boys

    Title says it all :) Is the Ginyu Force & Spice Boys gonna be added on ESF 1.3 ?
  3. Sicron

    Spice up HL2 even more!

    got sick of the old look? completed hl2 but want a more cooler effect? well, try this mini-mini-mod for hl2, it makes the game look even more cooler with HDR-lightning, here are some pics i made to show of the awesome effects (sorry if the pics are a bit large, i forgot to resize em >.<) I...
  4. Z

    Simple suggestion to spice up advanced melee

    You already have the kick and punch system in place so why not when blocking a kick you have to hold right click. So for eg. Q (Quick) M (Medium) S (Strong) Q Punch Q Punch S Kick is block by: Left Click arrow, Left click arrow, Right click arrow It can therefore also follow...
  5. Final Vegeta

    Request a wallpaper

    Well i would really like a great Vegeta walpaper as majin Ssj2 smiling (the evil smile he did to goku @ the tournament when he blew the ppl up) But not to ful with stuf just a nice wallpaper showing Vegeta's powah! And ofcourse maybe to spice things up for u wallpaper makers, maybe make a...
  6. M

    new sig, critz plz.

    Here is my new sig. The graphics i got off www.blackstargoten.net and i added the text. Tell me what i need to make it better. I'm not good at gfx.
  7. P

    The danger zone

    I forget the name of the map with the lava, but there need to be more mapps with inherint dangers in them just to spice up the battles. For example, have a mountain pass with automated beam cannon turrets, like the ones that guard the Red Ribbon Army base in DB, that shoot indiscriminantly at...
  8. E

    Prowler- 's art thread

    Well...I'll try to update here allot and post new art .... Here is some stuff I just made for Dragonmod Central admin ( M A T R I X ) Avatar Sig
  9. R

    My n00b Model

    Well I figured I would grow some balls and try on a model. I want to make one of the spice boys, I just can't remember which one he is. I only got portions of the torso done and the arms. Go on and tell me if you think I or it have potential to being a good model/modeler. Also give suggestions...
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