1. Element4q2

    New Base Model

    I got sick of doing edits so i've decided to learn how to model from scratch. Here's my first attempt: It'll end up as a base model like nuttzy's to be used for making a female character of your choice. Crits?
  2. Wangster


    well, i saw you guys (esf mappers team) make a sphere for in esf cell day and night. well, i KNOW that it has been asked b4, but i cant find the threath, (looked thru all the pages) so, i want to know how to make those things on the corners of an arena, because i am making a map, thats huge, but...
  3. darklord_avalon

    Videl Model (needs skinning)

    :devgrin: check it out my videl model needs skin....:laff: (uses head part of body and legs of trunks) creds to esf and creator of trunks
  4. I

    Starting model...

    I made a starting model for HL models. (no animations) This is so people dont get annoyed with trying to make a model to work from scratch off of (for humanoids that it). It took me 15 minutes. Frankly, I'm thinking of going back to modeling, but i gave my old MS3d to my cousin, so I'll have...
  5. S

    Just some 3-D art

    Just figured Id toss some stuff up here for you all to look at.... I personally enjoy doing space type picture, save for Sauron(no one ever gives the bad guys any glory). Anyhow, you can check out more of my stuff at...my Gallery
  6. T

    First Model =o

    lol..Sorry guys but..I started this 15 mins ago...I don't know what im doing..just messing around..its my first Model i ever made..Was suppose to be a lego person. Cough it up, laugh all you want: http://us.share.geocities.com/takatomonhk/wierd.bmp Copy and paste the link wait for it to load
  7. X

    How do I make Spheres

    I was wondering how to make spheres.
  8. D

    Help me!

    I just started working on milkshape i know how to make holes in spheres and...well thats about it.. i was thinking mayb it will be better to first adit things and on the way learn how to create a model...But *Tam Da Dammm* When i try to put a model so i could adit it...in open...it searches...
  9. A

    Little help

    Hey, first post here. Been on ESF channel on irc lately. Ive sorta started mappin, but im still trying to learn some basic techniques. Basically...i want to learn to make half an egg thats hollow....even a sphere that hollow that im able to manipulate is fine. I know this is a key technique...
  10. V

    My Janemba Model

    I decided to make my own Janemba model since it wont be around in ESF at all. All I have done is the head so far but I have some pics on one of my sites. is the home page. is the one with janemba head pics. If...
  11. G

    The head of a model

    Should I make my own head poly by poly, or alter a sphere or geosphere??? Please respond I would really like to know.