1. Theoboy

    Hollow sphere tutorial

    This is the first time I'm making a tutorial. Anyway it is about how to make a hollow sphere. Here goes: 1. First go and select the 'Block Tool' and then go to Objects drop down and select 'arch'. 2. Then place it somewhere in the 2D viewports. When you let go off the left click there...
  2. ace005

    Road on Sphere

    I've been trying for some time now.. I ahve a sphere, and I want to make a road on it...A long one.. How to do that?Grega tried explaining me how, but i didn't understanf anything..:-S I'm using milkshape
  3. yopyop

    sphere mapped texture

    hm i wanna compile a model with one texture is set on "sphere map" but at the model itself the texture is all normal... what do i got to change to get an spere mapped texture also in the finished .mdl?
  4. yopyop


    well like everybody should know in hamer there are no spheres (donno why cuz it's one of the most important figurs) does anybody know a link to a tuto or sth. like: "how to make a good sphere"???
  5. T

    GT Goku Wip

    im making a chibi goku from dbgt.. check it out
  6. catfish

    Idea for map - sky

    I recently when on my first plane flight and while looking down on the clouds I thought you could make an ESF map similar to this. There is a map called esf_skyarena that uses cloud effects. I don't know for sure how sky textures work, but I think they make a complete cube around the map...
  7. Mr. Satans

    Sphere Theory

    I came up with this idea a few weeks ago but forgot about it and it finally came back: I thought, "Hmm what about building a sphere in the same way an igloo is build, rectangular blocks" It might be tedious work but if done right it could result in a VERY smooth looking sphere.
  8. H

    Plz Help!

    (forgive my bad english :rolleyes: ) K...can someone PLZ tell me how to make a model transparent in Milkshape3D? I just want to make stuff transparent, you know...to make it look like...glass or something. PLZ HELP KTHX
  9. G

    Goten young

    Hmm heard about a new way of modling. do one piece and improve it until it's perfect, then do another piece etc. so your model should look perfect at the end. anyway i'm going to try this. here ya go, took 2 hours for this, it's supposed to be goten young:
  10. P

    My Buu Skin

    Hey i made a buu skin tell me what you think. I decided to replace buu with a ball. I think it looks so much better than the current model. Look at it ITS WAY BETTER THAN THE ESF BUU I MEAN WOAHHHHHHHHHHH SO I MUCH BETTER My Aim: Pokekil ill send you the model you can also use...
  11. X

    How do I make Spheres

    I was wondering how to make spheres.
  12. P

    model almost done(goku)

    hey remember me. well the model is going ok but its taking longer tahn i anticipated here http://preddie46.tripod.com/cgi-bin/gokus1 http://preddie46.tripod.com/cgi-bin/gokus2 i kno the arms on this one are messed but i just moved them so you could get a better view. enjoy oh yeah and...
  13. V

    could someone please tell me how to make the eyes in milkshape???

    can anyone tell me how to make the eyes on milkshape ive got the head completed except for the nose, ears, eyes, and eyebrows i could appreciate some help cause i just started yesterday:D :cool: :devsmile: :devgrin: :smile: :(
  14. Demi-Shadow

    The start of my first model.. ever..

    Ok.. I want some proper crits on this please, otherwise I won't improve, tell me the things to keep, what to trash, and how to improve.. none of this "looks good", "cool", "i hate it" crap, I want some crits I can use ;) if it doesn't show up go here (cut and paste if it still doesn't work)
  15. J

    Mystic Sphere (wallpaper)

    Hey, i want to have some feedback, and know what i can add or take away or what i can change. thanks
  16. G

    The head of a model

    Should I make my own head poly by poly, or alter a sphere or geosphere??? Please respond I would really like to know.
  17. SSJ-Roach

    Cell's Expanding Sphere

    I was just thinking and maybe if it could only go so far, but it would be a cool counter to most waves, and maybe a close attack weapon.