1. Tassadar

    Spectator Bug

    I noticed the spectator bug is still alive and well, the one that allows you to play on the 'spectator team,' just wondering if that will ever be fixed.
  2. D

    Huge bug regarding spectator mode

    I'm not sure if this always happens but yesterday I was spectating and whenever I would start spectating someone he'd get stuck in mid air. At first I thought it was just a freak occurance but after a while I noticed that they really got stuck as soon as I started spectating them and stopped...
  3. C

    Spectator Bug

    (STEAM): When viewing people in spectator, and lets say your viewing somone whos playing as cell, then you join the game and you go to pick your char you cant pick cell, only the other 8. Another example, if your spectating a vegeta and you go to join a game after spectator and still...
  4. sub

    Spectator cvar

    For 1.2, the team is taking out fighting as a spectator becuase of a bug. I suggest that in 1.2, the team put in a spectator cvar. The cvar will enable people to fight as spectators. I know there is a 99 percent chance the team won't do this considering there is a bug that can crash the...
  5. S


    hi, sry for the question but how can i play in the spectator team, i think its better to fight em all to get better then having team mates that steal u kills and kill ur enemies =) thx 4 help
  6. S

    how do u play as spectator?

    topic. how do u play as a specatator on esf?
  7. S

    Question about spectator view

    Is that SDK 2.3 Spectator mode going to be in the next release or is it already useable?
  8. D


    how do you fight as a spectator in esf? i tryed doing it and it didnt work
  9. X


    When your in spectator mode you should get to choos from using models like bulma chi-chi and them but they won't have any ki or moves. Cause in the show, during the fighting they kinda just sit around watching whats going on. That would be really cool if we could do that.
  10. darknavigator

    Spectator Team Bug

    You can change teams to be on spectator by [Well I wont tell you] and you play on spectator team and then you cant seem to target them but thats probably me.. I THINK this is a bug, and probably already found..
  11. J

    Spectator bug(?)

    I was playing at thegamezone.nl server and i noticed that two players where killing nicely with melee, i decided to check the scoreing and noticed that they should be in spectator mode. So, is this an exploit of somekind? Heres a pic for proof: Proof
  12. M

    Bots stay on Spectator

    Hi The bots work fine other than the fact that they won't join a team they just stay on specator and yes i have reinstalled them and have the newest version of esf and half life ect...
  13. A

    Can make wishes in spectator mode.

    Somone was in my server a red diamond shaped thing was near the dbs, always summoning the dragon, only person in spectator was "SONIC" with this id: "236075" exploiting this to hell... I went to spectator to test it, and it let me summon, I banned him from my server, everyone else should to...
  14. Nosferatu Alucard

    SDK 2.3 Spectator

    :cry: :cry: :cry: Where can I find it :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
  15. M

    Spectator Bug Suggestion

    Ok, a lot of time an exceptional player would go use Spec bug for several reasons. 1) He wants to go against the world 2) Doesnt like annoying team-mates 3) Doesnt want to favor 1 team 4)etc, etc. So my suggestion is that the ESF team can maybe hone the usage of the Spectator Bug and make...
  16. -{VC}- sWiTcH

    Spectator bug

    I see some people saying that other people "Use the spectator bug" to their advantage. What advantage???? Having everyone against you is not an advantage. I think this bug should be left in.
  17. J

    how do u play as a spectator

    ive seen so many people play when they are spectator. they can kill either team how do i do that?
  18. Dr. Zaius

    Spectator Participation

    How do you get to play as a spectator, without being on a team? I'd just like to know, in case I feel like taking everyone on, and/or gaining PL faster. Anyone?
  19. W

    Bots go spectator and do not join teams...

    When I want bots on my game(with the new bot) the bots stay in the spectator area. I've set max_bots 6 and added one for default with addbot 1 does anyone know what the problem is...
  20. N

    How do you play as an spectator??

    When ever I play DBZ there are always people playing in spectator mode. I have tried just pressing spectator mode but all it does is allow me to float around. So I was just wondering how the heck you do it.