1. R

    Half Life engine or specifically Half Life

    Greetings, so I've decided to take a shot at ESF and was wondering which version of Half Life do I need to play it? Being the cheap bastard that I am I'd like to know if I could play ESF with Half Life - Blue Shift which costs only 4 euros instead of Half Life which costs 8?
  2. Sonic the Vampire

    Chrono Trigger Vs. Final Fantasy VI (Specifically VI) and the Best RPG you've played

    Edit- Somehow I didn't notice the other, similar thread, but I think this one is more specific to what I want to know personally. These two games were arguably the very best of their rank and file. The top of the top tier RPGs released on the SNES before the Playstation moved in and everybody...
  3. Wangster

    just 2 show you how easy it is.

    3Dabstract tutorial. well, alot of people make 3D abstract bg's these days, and they looks verry cool, well, if you have bryce, you can do it 2! just follow my steps and you wil have a verry cool BG urself! step 1: select the ground object and delete it step 2: press the tab sky and fog...
  4. Moshe Kipod Ham

    A new Gogeta From Ned's Vegetto

    All crits to Ned and his awsome Vegetto Gimme crits but don't ask me to release him (Because of the request in Red-Saiyan I'm afraid of squirls :p )
  5. Skyrider

    sound problem/ and waterfall

    i got some sound mapping problem. i dont know how to add sounds in a map. well. i know how to. but there isnt comming sound ouT! and another question is my WATERFALL! i dont know how to add a waterfall!! ( with water falling down )plz help :) thkz lol.. ps how do i make things round?
  6. freeportpretz22

    BomberMan - Model

    [img]http://www.pwnedbycheesumba.com.FU/img] I hope you can see that, I made it, needs bones, animations, sprites, skinned, and that stuff.
  7. DaKD

    New mirror

    i got a new mirror site for my downlaods its on my main site tehers a link