1. john_volkov

    Penetrating beams will prevent spaming if posible

    so do you think that the team can make the beams to perentrat and the explosion to not afect any one like in this pic and evry tine you get hit by the beam it will do the same dmg instantly
  2. Z

    dmz goku is wod's goku

    smo gave me a goku and he sayd i may ue it for wod now 2 weaks later i come back from my holliday i saw that dmz had wod's goku in there site but smo quited ages ago dous anny one know wtf is going on (this is about a 3d model so im not spamming :S so dont even start about im spaming)
  3. Suh Dude

    Acurate Vegeta!!!

    Well i made my like pros buts its different than mine watcha think and this is my first skin thread ever so don't go spaming and stuff Edit:oppsy i forgot credits Credits go to.....Turk
  4. B

    sorry if this is spaming but...

    anyone who is gonna play the beta has to have great reflexes because the way the movies showed they moved very fast and the moves looked deadly so correct me if im wrong but this game just might now be for certain people then....o_o
  5. K

    Super Sayian 2 models

    hey guys, i was just wondering how your going to do the ssj2 models for all the sayians. coz i was just thinking back to half-life single player (boy! thats was a long time ago!!!) and Opposing force, and i remeber then electrisitic, you know in half-life when your about to pick up the crowbar...