1. H

    New Server ESF 1.0 Beta in South America u r welcome
  2. D

    South Park Z??

    You guys have got to see this. It is really funny yet retarded at the same time.
  3. R

    South Park

    I wouldnt say i was a big fan of south park but i watched a newish episode on a reccomendation from a friend who told me it was amazing. It was the episode with Russell Crowe in. I don't know if it was just me but i found it so funny i honestly nearly pissed myself. I had to keep pausing the...
  4. Denominator

    hey to you.. from south africa :)

    hey i just want to say first of all that this hl mod has been made very, very well by the esf team. the quality of it takes full advantage of the hl engine and makes the game models, particle systems amazingly pretty :] i have been reading these forums and watching esf grow from its early...