1. P

    Soundtracks from DBZ The three epic songs from DBZ, will any of them be in the game?
  2. -Blaze-

    Favorite anime soundtracks?

    Well, ^^^ My favorites would be from Death Note and Ergo Proxy. Both soundtracks had deep and interesting feel to them. Sometimes i get the impression that they were composed by the same artist. What's your favorite?
  3. Graive

    Movie soundtracks

    Hey guys I was wondaring if anyones seen or know about the movie "The Core" i wanted to know whats the name of that song in the end credits. its like about red red skys or somthing i dunno but yeh.
  4. DustMan2704

    Dbz movie 8 soundtracks titles?

    the new english version of dbz movie 8 ,packs some cool soundtracks,but i want to know their titles because in the credits they arent can anyone tell me those titles? sorry for my crappy english...