1. Viper

    Super Maria (well sort of)

    It's based on the Joan of Arc tutorial, btw. Finished texturing the head: Moar activity here people!!! I know for a fact that there are a lot of you with models (not edits) in progress. It doesn't matter how noobish they look. Nobody will judge (or they'll get their asses kicked by...
  2. Zero12

    How do i go majin in big pack 8.4v

    Well like the title says how in the name of hell do i go majin in big pack seriously its impossible i use pl changer put it to 70mli i damage my self til 10hp (emo move there)and no button or icon of some sort and i tried transforming and nothing so can someone help me.
  3. Kamicciolo

    New Dragonball Z Animation ... sort of

    I was on this website called Daizenshuu EX and saw this video http:// what does everyone think of it
  4. CM

    Gene Pool! Free game, sort of like "Spore".

    This isn't the most "gr4fx" game ever, but it's fun IMO. Basically, it's a Darwin simulation. You start with a primordial pool full of different basic organisms. They swim around, eat food and reproduce until one kind takes over the pool. You can also save and load organisms and pools, so...
  5. J

    The Matrix Revolutions Wallpaper

    Just to stay in the matrix scene :)
  6. Optional

    GHP_EarthCanyons - 56k'ers Be Weary of the Images. Note: No texture blending because we have no texture blending textures...
  7. S

    Entity Respawn after break

    ok, I want to make an entity with func_breakable where when you touch it it breaks and then it comes back in 2 seconds. I tried spawn on break but in the drop down menu it only says nothing. Thanks in advanced.
  8. Y

    Umm some sort of Color Model error

    When i get into the game it says Please disable color models to play on this server...... i got no clue what that means =]
  9. S


    umm does any one no where to get a USSJ Trunks skin/model? Andin the game i noticed that if u go look at the original models in the players folder there is a ssj2 and a ssj3 model does that mena u can go ssj2 and ssj3 with goku????????
  10. DaMan

    I made a aura

    Here is what I did to Goku some kinda aura Comments and critz welcome, but no FLAMING
  11. Ryoko

    A Final Fantasy 9 wallpaper

    I made a new wallpaper! And it isn't of Ryoko o_o What do you guys think?
  12. Marauder

    Space station

    might need to copy past... well, the bg isnt gonna be there..gonna colab with someone that really kicks ass in space wp's. the only thing importent here is the space station. now i gotta know what u guys think i should improov..b4 i send this to the guy. /Spec
  13. VivaLaPineapple

    interface or wall(critz/comments welcome)

    so yeah it was originally meant to be a wall but seriously could be an interface. what do guys think? most of this was done with pixels only filter used is blur.
  14. 1_heart_boobies

    photoshop problems...

    after installing photoshop, and starting it up for the first time a popup window came up and said: "you currently have adobe photoshop's primary scratch and window's primary paging file on the same volume, which can result in reduced performance. It is recommended that you set adobe...
  15. D

    mix between Big O & Betterman

    Rendering Programs?? What is a FREE Rendering Program I can use? Would I have to get 3DSM...or some expensive program like that?
  16. G

    i'm new here, i have some questions.........

    if i downloading a new charecter for ESF so does it comes with attacks of her own? and how do i install the new models?
  17. M

    WHAM BAM! thank you Smo

    just abit of HARDCORE action.. tehy dont look 2 enthusiastic or woteva.. but meh.. plus they looked skwashed... and hands arent skinned.. nifact y did I even post this Oo
  18. P

    Modeling Help

    I was wondering if anybody could help me with modeling and such. Such as the basics to makeing a decent model. And maybe even make a model together. My MSN address is : [email protected] My AIM ScreenName is : ShiningPaladin08 Thanks Alot!
  19. V


    You know when you're skinning an esf model do you use current tool that you downloaded are do you use paint shop pros tools? :shocked:
  20. S

    how do i sort attachments out one the bones of models??

    hi i have almost complited my kid buu edit but when itry and compile him it says: ************ ERROR ************ unknown attachment link 'Bip01 R Finger11' now how i change this from happening?? i have tryed editing the qc file didnt work i tryed making a little box and adding it to the...