1. Enix

    KH2 Sora [revisted]

    This model was requested on the TS forums, I usually dont take requests, but this was a good excuse to model anyother KH character. The reason this model is "revisted", is because I attempted this guy a few years ago but it was a failure to say the least.. I couldn't even make my own head for...
  2. ShadyD

    KH2 Sora

    man i feel sorry for the KH skinners and modellers XD model by TryForce Skin by Shady-D name: Sora Hikari Hobby: Hitting donald duck with a key Shoe Size: 80
  3. Gama

    WIP Sora DV13

    ok here is a model of sora im working on, its crap lol though id show ya not sure if ill finish it some reason after my krillin model i just cant be bothered to to do it now........ thank to tryforce for the sora ref, side is sooooo unclear :S *EDIT* no refs
  4. PiXel

    Kh2 Sora

    <_< yes you heard right... i toook me alil time ... and even less in a hour i get this progress: um.. well now i got the hardest part...anway i fell free someone else to let it skin :P .... whos interested pm me... im aim for 2,5k polys... now it got 1,6k lookin good or :P C&C plz...
  5. R

    someone should seriously make a sora from kingdom hearts mod it seems easy. readthis

    someone should make a sora mod for kingdom hearts mod for esf or half life with the key blade for a gun and make it shoot fire like oneof his magic spells
  6. Enix

    Another sora :P

    Yay for me :D. Well anyway...i remember i did a kingdom hearts 2 sora a while ago. And well...i didn't model it all on my own, like some of you may remember, i had neotek model a head for me. Well guess what? I can model heads myself now XD. anyway...its not a kingdom hearts 2 sora its KH1 :P...
  7. I

    Sora W.I.P

    I've started a model of Sora from kingdom hearts. I can't seem to find a good side refernce so i only have the front view right now, if someone could send me a good side pic it would help alot. I want this to be a really good model so please crit thoroughly. Note: only my second model...
  8. Enix

    KH2 Sora [WIP]

    Just started this yesterday, and i have gotten alot done, i spent the first day on getting the shoes done. And all i have to do is the head and the hood. And Yaglo is helping me out, cause i am having trouble getting back into modeling. Its currently at 1446 polys. And im going to put my...
  9. Enix

    kingdom hearts drawling, sora

    i drew this a few weeks ago and my incle just let me use his scanner so here it is: \ <p>CRITZ PLEASE!