1. Damaera

    Sony NGP (PSP2) revealed!

    Release trailer: I have no idea what the **** just happened in that trailer, but I'm kind of excited about the new PSP. According to this Kotaku article, this new handheld might have the power to run games that are as powerful...
  2. Suh Dude

    Make your Youtube video in High Definition [Sony Vegas Users]

    You need Sony Vegas for this. If you don't have Sony Vegas, sorry. I also posted this at my forum and another so yeah. Maybe you'll find it useful. I hate watching horrible voice over tutorials. ---------------- These are the settings I use for Sony Vegas. I use 30FPS because the max on Youtube...
  3. B

    Sony vegas problem

    I'm just completely editing this post to make it more clear, here goes. Okay, I'm used to adobe premier, and in adobe premier when you want to edit something, say you have a 10 second clip, and you want to speed it up to 200%, or twice as fast as it would normally go, so the video will be 5...
  4. Vagabond

    About dam time Sony Europe released it About dam time it's been out in the japan since last year and early spring for the us
  5. M

    Sony BMG Plans to Drop DRM

  6. L

    Sony Vegas experienced users?

    I was wanting to know if anyone is experienced with Sony Vegas? If so I was hoping said person knew how to crop/cut out an object from video. The video in question is this: I want the character (My RP Character from WoW) to be cut out from the green BG I set up. Or to any others, know of a...
  7. M

    Heh church to sue sony? Over resistance?!

    Wow i mean hot damn if sony wasn't having a bad enough time with people saying this and that was better then ps3, now the churches want to sue sony over resistance... Check this out if u haven't seen it.
  8. DragonDude

    I'm tired of Sony's bull****. Swear filter, lol.
  9. DiebytheSword

    Atari and Chucky Cheeze founder bashes Sony Discuss!
  10. Promiscuous Girl

    Lik-Sang is Finished. Sony is the new Nintendo.

    Lik-Sang is no more. The highly popular, importing site, comes to a close; Thankz in large part to Sony. The slight touch of irony I find in this--was that one of the great things about Sony back in the PS1 era was in how it was the first manufacturer to bring games to Europe and the US that...
  11. Suh Dude

    The 10 Top Lies of... Sony!? Convert to Nintendo. :X
  12. M

    Sony Cuts Price of PlayStation 3 to $410

  13. ~*Logan*~

    Sony makes it hader to go on car trips

    **** you, Slimline! I'm trying to find a DC adapter for my old fashioned style PS2. All the pieces are in place. I found a nice, high quality pull-down LCD TV screen with A/V capabilities for my PS2 (or any game system for that matter) to plug into. Now, all I need is a PS2 adapter to plug into...
  14. M

    Sony Mylo

    Source: Discuss!
  15. M

    Sony Adopts Unreal Engine 3

    Source: So... another company... another buy... Seems like the new Unreal engine is extremely popular. Discuss!
  16. B

    Sony patented technique similar to the Wii-mote :S self explnatory, call me a nintendo fan or whatever but i always loved Sony more but this is juist ridicilious, whether you deny this or not, it's just another copy. You can go on to say...
  17. B

    Massive Leaked Sony Internal Document

    :D :paper: it awnsers everything weve been wondering or was unsure about regarding the ps3, enjoy
  18. B

    Sony defends PSP ad following accusations of racism

    Is this an Over reaction from the public or should they be rightfully offended ? :\ :rolleyes: this is the seond add that sony has caused drama about in the uk
  19. Ravendust

    Sony throws the PS3 controller design...

    ...hopefully it won't come back. Sony have scrapped the PS3 controller design; And are currently in the process of redesigning something new. I put this down to bad public feedback ("it r a boomerang olol") and Nintendo's motion-tracking wand of sexiness. No details on the new design yet...
  20. D

    My first Sony vegas 6.0 video (a bleach amv) leave a comment this time wil ya? O_o