1. S

    Layout! Comments Plz

    hey i made a new layout for my portfolio site.. i was think either go with the digital graphics smooth look or the rough skining artist look... anyway, check it :p
  2. D

    I would like to apologize to the Sonic834 on the FORUMS

    hey d00d....sorry bout that.....i was just talking to -=[TIS]=- SSJ Shadow....and he said someone was impersonating Spitfire.....and someone must have been impersonating YOU also...did you or Spitfire give out your AIM password to anyone? All i want to know is....who is screwing with the...
  3. D

    Sonic834 has got some BAD ISSUES!

    sorry for the language..... Sonic834: listen Sonic834: just take it all back Sonic834: and i wont report you SkitZoFrenic83: report me to wut? Sonic834: to my bad sid Sonic834: side* SkitZoFrenic83: report to ur ad side? SkitZoFrenic83: bad* Sonic834: yes SkitZoFrenic83: LAFF...
  4. .FM.

    piccolo splash?

    what you think? :S
  5. S

    Xstortionist's Brolli Model Skin WIP

    ok, this is about 15 min work, here ya go, i still have about 5 hours to go :( the right arm looks a little funny cuz of a modelling problem :( i will fix it later...
  6. Z

    Yo andoid 16 can u make me a sig

    Well for 1 i like my sig but can u do somthing else wit my custom character? I want to kno how good yur skillz are they seem pretty good so far....
  7. D

    Evil Frieza Skin

    i was bored and made this... enjoy... DOWNLOAD
  8. K

    hey read this please android 16

    hey can iasku a favor well i wanted to know if u could make me another sig with ssj4 bebi vegeta firing a ki wave on theright side and goku ssj4 firing a super kamehameha wave and in the background make it like a bluish red lava type of layout and make silver lettering in the background middle...
  9. SSJ-Roach

    Just a sig.

    i was wondering if I could have someone make me one. Maybe with Gohan going SSJ2 for the first time. Or when they show Gohan and Goku in the same image when he was power struggling with Cell. Thanks for any help.