1. U

    -)Sns(- Evil Crashing Server

    I was playing on Scorched Earth (Scorcher2k's Server) a little while ago and someone came in named Evil. He was playing spectator and sent a messge. It was "Evil: This is -)Sns(- and we are the best ESF Hackers out there, now I am going to crash the server" and in less than a second it...
  2. S

    -)SnS(- Problem

    You might have gotten a complaint about this before but,i was in my server and a SnS member joined,and him and other guy were talking how a member of SnS named "Optional" came in and said, were the SnS the best ESF Clan and Hackers or something like that,then closed the server,they both left...
  3. GMan

    Devil and SnS

    Well, he thinks hes being clever by taking Optional's name and crashing servers with a bind saying SnS is a bunch of hackers.. uh..? Just to make sure nobody actually believes this: His wonid is 4009682