1. Dokutayuu

    It snowed in the UK... in October?

    Today at around 8 or so GMT, it began to snow and has left a pretty impressive layer of snow. Nothing in weather forecasts, all it says is light rain. I noticed it due to it messing with my TV signal. Global Warming? Sunspots? Planetary Alignment? Anyone else had snow?
  2. Slash

    well it snowed here in redmond! so i took pics of the car!!! snow makes it look very clean even though its pretty dirty. and i know theres a young fan base here so i'll go ahead and explain to you what you're looking at. a 1988 BMW M6, 256 hp, 243 lb/ft of torque with RWD, a 3.5 liter inline 6...
  3. icu2

    map request

    can someone make a snow map a map like the place tien and his little friend trained when they where waiting for the androids to arrive