1. zmaster

    is the snow a lie

    around this time shouldn't there be snow falling from the top of the screen
  2. Mkilbride

    Do you like Penumbra? Do you like The Thing(1982), and horror games? Then BLACK SNOW!

    HL2 Mod One of the better ones. Seriously. Get this guy a team, a job at some studio, perhaps Frictional Games, and a decent budget, and expect gold. A chilling mod...incredible atmosphere, really. Just, bam, the...
  3. zmaster

    burried under snow

    As the snow falls while playing jingle bells. Will the snow build up over time in the game and then just disappear or melt
  4. Damaera

    Happy birthday, Snow!

    I don't know if you'll even see this, but happy birthday!
  5. X

    Snow Penis!

    Warning for content. ~Link Removed~
  6. john_volkov

    Snow started in romania

    hehe 2day just started snowing who like's the snow ?
  7. bapplebo

    Sunny Snow boredom

    Heh. Was bored. This is up for grabs, whoever wants it, put it in your sig and give no credits. I dont really care what anybody does with this. Edit it, rip it, claim it as yours. I was bored, and I just want crits. I also lost the .psd, so dont come to me if you want your name on it. EDIT...
  8. TeKNiK

    Happy 18th Birthday Snow!!!

    Haves a happy birthday snow!! J00r birfday present is nekked pix of girls from my school xD. Digital camera pwnage.
  9. TeKNiK

    Siggeh i made for snow

  10. GhostfaceKillah

    Sig for snow

    Yup, I made a sig for snow: Critz/comments please :)
  11. TAz00


    Ok the old Nc_Cliffs, got a new look. And i would say it fits better with that map... But see for yourself... Right click and press save as... Pic1 Pic2 Pic3
  12. saiyanslayer

    It's may, and all i see is snow....

    darn it, we here have had a record breaking snowfall, in canada :\ 35 centimeters, and it it's only the beginning of may ¬_¬
  13. Optional

    Volumetric Snow

    Does anyone know any mods that offer this in their FGD?
  14. E

    Capsule Corp Trunks Model!

    Hey guys, Jboskma will be skinning him :) Trunks: 2076 Polys Sword Belt: 222 Polys Sword: 208 Polys Sword Case: 14 Polys the sword and belt are optional another coloured render: personally, i suck at posing model, but i thougth id give it a try, so heres my pose up of...
  15. icu2

    map request

    can someone make a snow map a map like the place tien and his little friend trained when they where waiting for the androids to arrive
  16. Snow

    Ape maps

    What do you think the APE Clan maps?
  17. R@!D3R

    Jaredster's Sig I made for him

    Well, it's 4:15 am I'm damn tired... I wanted to get this done though... I used 3dsm and Photoshop. What you guys think but please keep in mind it's 4 am Thanks
  18. M

    new winterish sig

    -----> What do ya think?