1. Koren

    Mr.Smos goku

    Smo if your reading this i just wanna know so dont flame me but is your goku out yet cause i would really like to have it
  2. H

    Smos Goku Edits

    I was just goofing off, and since I like to play in the EVM server, I edited Smo's goku.. here, take a look... <BR><IMG SRC=""><BR>Credits go to Smo, of course, for his SSJ and SSJ3 models, and to the original team for the...
  3. S

    Namek goku(thought i would give it a try :p)

    well here it is he is a ms3d file atm because i havent assigned the bones because its to hard lol credit:Mr smo for his ssj goku head Dakd for his bd bd ssj3 goku azn for the body (i think it was dakd i just went to redsaiyan and he says he loast all the info when the...
  4. Ultra33Gokussj3

    Namek Goku Done

    Men , when i was looking on my HHD , i found i project i have done for some time and forgot to release it Credit to : AZN - body Real modeler of goku - head Heres a pic: Hope you like it
  5. Y

    Dragonballuniverse SSJ3 Goku model and skin

    Heres the first model ive posted on this forum, hope u like it o_o
  6. T

    Somebody please make a ssj2 vegeta

    with the spikey hair like mr smos and AZN..... man i wish they released them Ive tried a ton of times to make him but i cant... can somebody try please?