1. It's over One Million!

    Who smoke?

    What you think about smoking? This is a very bad thing?
  2. LionHeart


    how to make smoke come from a cigar?
  3. Ravendust

    What do you smoke?

    In the spirit of Amnestometh's thread, here's a general interest poll ;o I smoke about ten ciggerettes a day and I love each and every one like a son.
  4. MaX

    Sorta Funny That there is no smoke..

    im saying u can blast a wall with full charges Spirit bomb..and there is NO smoke or dust or anything..just the explosion..which isnt like dbz at would be cool to come charging out of the dust with dust making a small hole around u as u fly like 150mph at the enemy threw the im...
  5. raulo

    Do you smoke cigars ?

    This is only a poll, to find out how many of you guys, smoke, or you just smoke sometimes. Thank you for your vote-post.
  6. Goten-son

    Smoke from blasts

    well i was watching the brolly movie last night and noticed a lot of the time they blast there was some smoke around them. Well why not make it so if you shoot a huge blast at someone and where ever it explodes there could be some smoke around the area. And also when you use a lot of kiblobs...
  7. Lone Wolf

    Tunnel... O.o

    Me wants critz! CRITZ! so I can improve.... done in photoshop :P Kinda ugly O_o Abstract art isnt my strong point.... but then digital designs isnt either O.o Pencil and paper is always good :D
  8. Rajikk

    Smoke powerup effect

    I'm trying to make a single player version of esf but instead of the normal powerup effect I'm making a gold glowing smoke effect for the SSJ transformation a red one for a red saiyan transformation and instead of the normal white aura I'm having a black smoke affect this will make it more...
  9. ssj999vegeta

    red saiyan aura

    im making a red saiyan skin and i wanna no if i can change the aura for just my skin and not every skin cos i have changed the saiyan aura but now all saiyans are red saiyans
  10. S

    Smoke in ESF ?

    By using the smoking effect of counterstrike after a blast, won't it make esf more realistic?
  11. imkongkong

    blast and smoke

    i was watching a few DBZ episodes, and one where vegeta is fighting buu, he keeps sending all these blasts on him and it builds up smoke... this should happen also in the game if you're shooting ki blasts and someone, with the particle system, smoke should build up around the person, instead...
  12. X


    Hey ppl Im done my SSJ Goku Skin. Tell me what you think. I know I need to work on the legs and the arms but tell me what u ppl think anyway :yes: ;/ Link to a pic is:
  13. A

    Smoke and things blowing up

    When 2 people enaged battle and one got slamed up into rocks the rocks blow up or lot of smoke come up When they fire fast small beams on ground there smoke and the ground blow up to Can we add this in a particular way to ESF (I dont think they can pull a way to do but just asking) :D...
  14. L

    my newly made picture

    ok what do you think about it guys?
  15. E


    I was thinking today, how whenever a powerfull attack connects and whenever they think the opponent is defeated, the smoke clears and he is still standing. I think adding a smokey cloud for a few seconds where the attacks explode would add a nice touch to the atmosphere of the game. The only...
  16. S

    Smoke Effekts & Genkidama .....

    What is with the smoke effects after a explosion???? Will smoke effects in the Beta 1 included??? Views itself certainly fully cool out of if slowly the smoke ! And the powercharge of the Genkidama. Your it must so make endlessly load can that one it and becomes that it almost as...
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