1. F

    Gotta love that new car smell!

    Except the only problem is, is it's not a new car :D I just got a 95 Mazda 626 5 speed manual :D 4 cylinders of furry. It only has 114 horse power, but i'm used to a 85 horse power car so it runs great for me. I'm wicked excited, I was driving it all night tonight. So I figured I'd let you...
  2. Deman

    The Smell of Pain!

    No I'm not talking about our recent addition to the moderation team, but something I'll experience every now and then and want to know if you guys do to. Every once in a while, especially if knocked upside the head I get a whiff of this really wierd smell. It's not just then either, I'll...
  3. Taurus 2112

    Do you smell like a million bucks???

    Well here goes post your scent or basically whatever cologne or body spray that you where to bring the ladies/ or men, running: (nothing like a pointless thread to break up the monotony of a sunday afternoon) I use Axe Kilo..very nice scent that compliments my attitude...
  4. M


    dabura for ghp, this wat ive done so far :
  5. G


    is there a site to gets esf prefabs? cause i need a kamis lookout, but cant find one, and oh and a rounded house like gokus and capsule corp too pleeeeasssee!
  6. B

    what you

    i can help you send my you map an i complin for you en send it back ik got qbsp not qbsp2 thad i got not just qbsp1
  7. Fate

    One of the coolest models ever...can you make it?

    So, you think you might to be able to make one of the best people ever in DBZ? The Strongest character EVER with a power level higher than SS5 Goku's X 1,000,000? Yep thats right. Its the faithful companion of King Kai, Bubbles The Monkey. Make a bubbles model! It would be sweet!:D