1. Spunky

    Smack your kid 1000 times! While I don't agree with what the boy did, I just have to say the parents got wtfpwnt for smacking him over stupid ****.
  2. freeportpretz22

    BomberMan - Model

    [img]] I hope you can see that, I made it, needs bones, animations, sprites, skinned, and that stuff.
  3. TimTheEnchantor

    Anyone else get urked by this?

    I think when someone posts something, and people either say they don't see anything or say it looks crappy..ever wonder if those people ever have made things themselves or whether or not they look deeper than that it's just a "image". This happened over on another forum where one kid said that...
  4. IceFire2050

    would this work?

    ok i know nothing about mapping but tell me if this would work for a map like king kai's planet cause people say half-life doesnt support multiple gravity sources make the map 4 rooms and break the planet into the 4 peices and make huge doorways (that look like background) and when u walk...
  5. Naz

    Outoftheblue [wallpaper]

    wallpaper for a contest, hope anyone likes it suggestions addition crics are welcome grtz Naz
  6. Naz


    Hiya I made a new wallpaper, I hope ya enjoy it small version here grtz NSA
  7. G

    Kof wallpaper

    how do u like my Kof wallpaper? *edit* the girl with black hair has been fixed
  8. W

    question 'bout the new lookout map

    will the new kami's lookout have a hyperbolic time chamber in it? you know, like the one swisscheese made? that would be sweet...
  9. S

    how can i put a lightning in wc?

    ............. bzw. lightnings who hurt! i have to know it, so tell me, please! and another question: who has make the map namek_end?? thx Snake