1. Nemix

    Lord Slug 1.2 Model Edit

    yeah... yeah me and my model edits... but this guy was never made by anyone Ok Nuttzy asked for Credits, here they are: Smo - Piccolo Base Model Doormat - Vegeta Lowerbody Editing - Me: Added the things on his chest... edited the face... edited vegeta's legs.... created a helmet.... changed all...
  2. Hash

    Every Metal Slug Game On Wii!

    Man, i've been making a lot of threads lately. Anyways, im totally stoked more than ever. To make it short, all 6 Metal Slug games are gonna be on the Wii as part of the Metal Slug Anthology, and they will all utilize the Wii controller to make the games even better (I didn't think it was...
  3. B

    Dragonball Z Movie 4: Lord Slug Question

    Is there anyone who could possibly list all the songs or maybe even just some, that were played in that movie, because they didnt show the list of them at the ending credits and there was a song at the begining that took place when goku and krillin shot the kamehamehawave at the Big Astroid...
  4. Element4q2

    Element4q2's WIPs

    Ok here's some new stuff i'm working on. Bardock: Based on my edit of Smo's Goku head and the Original ESF Vegeta Credit: Smo and ESF Team Lord Slug: (need someone to help me do the body cause its really hard) Any volunteers? Credit: ESF Team USSJ Trunks in Capsule Corp Suit...
  5. K

    Lord Slug goku model

    I was wondering if anyone saw the dbz movie lord slug? IF anyone saw it I think someone should make a model when goku is fighting against lord slug and he is just about to punch goku but then he blocks it with his hand then he turns into a diffrent kind of super saiyan. He has the yellow aura...
  6. T


    Some one really needs to make a cool piccolo skin of him being big or something or a lord slug skin.
  7. S

    Lord Slug Wave

    I know this is models and things but this wav is for all those people who thought Lord Slug was actually a slug.
  8. Guru_San

    Metal Slug X

    Sup Guys i need help. as you can see my next months sig is going to be Metal Slug X. BUT i need pics so can ANYONE help me out? Ive searched real hard to find some and i cant find ANYTHING, and Metal Slug is my Fav games ever!!! G-S