1. Deathshot

    Adding an Attack Slot to ESF

    So I have been looking for an hour through all the files and searching for it but couldn't find it. How would you add an Attackslot in ESF to give say Vegeta a custom coded attack?
  2. wheres_

    RAM slot question.

    The new mobo I got has 4 ddr2 ram slots,my heat sink is ****ing massive and covers the first 1 or 2 slots, I have 2 2gig sticks of corsair dominator RAM that are too tall to fit under the heatsink. Can I use slots 3 and 4 instead of 1 and 2? Also if this is a mobo support issue my mobo is...
  3. Ravendust

    Slot 0? (smallest suggestion ever)

    Can senzu beans get moved to Number 0 instead of 9? It's a minor thing, but it would allow for one more attack per character (especially Cell who needs it).
  4. DragonDude

    Half-Life HUD Slot Sprites?

    Well, I was just wondering, as I need to edit them, does anyone know where the sprite files which contain the Half-Life HUD Slots are? (I.E. When you select a gun, the pictures of all your weapons on the top left corner of the screen) I've searched the valve folder and the SDK extensively, and...
  5. SSj_Gotenks95

    Character Help

    Is there any possible way to add a character, so that I dont have to erase my other characters to use it???
  6. Jonesdaniel

    how to find out if i got pci slot?

    i just went and spent £100 on a geforce 4 mx 420 unsure wether i have a pci slot. my pc is about 2 years old and when i brought it, it was brand new and the bloke in-store said my motherboard should be fine. But before i go and open it etc.. etc... is there a way to find out if my motherboard...
  7. S

    Admin commands (player slot)

    post all your commands you know for ESF and please tell me is there a command to change the player slots ingame? if so what is it?
  8. G

    Something in Noticed while mapping

    it had been a while since i had made my last map and like others do i got a craving to start mapping agian. I recently downloaded the new ESF and i decided to make a map for it. I got the basic layout done. My friends asked me to make a privite server so we could dink around, and i wanted to...
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