1. Growler


    Instead of there being little gibs of the victim after trunks slices them in ESF, I think depending on where you slice to get a sword kill, I think you should model the victim cut in half horizontally and vertically instead of being little chunks...
  2. G


    The best suugjestionI cal think of is real damage. It could be for certain things like if u get hit with a sword than you will have a slash thats all. maybey if you get hit with a max beam you have black stuff all over you and certain characters could have there shirts blown of :shocked: ooo...
  3. Baaja

    Hammer help

    stupid question....but how do i slice...instead of more do i make a cylinder horisantal....and not so it goes straight up...thanks
  4. J

    slice people

    it probably will be in 1.1 but I'm not sure now I saw that clip where they show trunks' sword but here it comes: if you are trunks in 1.1 you can cut some1 in half, but only when they don't got much health.... it IS possible, I once read it in another thread and it's also in DMZ with distructo...
  5. .FM.


    yes i made the wall paper (ryoko) :S comments? O_o