1. Spunky

    Hunter Gets *****slapped

    I had a random idea while grinding mobs out in Tarren Mill. I thought about unequipping my daggers, going out and finding a hunter, and simply *****slapping them. Well, I did it. It was quite satisfying. That's the last time a dwarf hoe holds out on me.
  2. shadow16

    Trunks's Weapons

    *Credits* go to the original modeller of ssjTrunks Please do not complain about how crappy the models/skins are...because I know I ain't as good as many of you....because many of you could have done this in minutes...and some are very chessy like stretching the sword...blah blah blah...but...
  3. darklord_avalon

    Videl Model (needs skinning)

    :devgrin: check it out my videl model needs skin....:laff: (uses head part of body and legs of trunks) creds to esf and creator of trunks
  4. M

    new sig, critz plz.

    Here is my new sig. The graphics i got off and i added the text. Tell me what i need to make it better. I'm not good at gfx.
  5. R


    I don't think it's that great, but it's good practice since I'm not exactly that experienced, I don't know who it is, but I just used a friends symbol and slapped it on here, still got some stuff left to do to it <img src=""> just incase that didn't work...
  6. owa

    Sig thing or ya whatever...

    Hey, Well I made a sig I kinda like it I'm just trying some new style and stuff just practicing you know I'm sitll a n00b and I suck and I dun care. tell me what you ugys tihnk :)
  7. USJTrunks


    Mah new wallpaper.
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