1. omnomnom


    HE'S BEEN BANNED?!?!?!?! But it's the 3rd...
  2. Skyrider

    Javascript to move to a specific site from a specific URL

    Is this possible? I'd like to have a script that automatic forwards the person to another site on a specific URL. Like for example this thread. Once the person goes to: (See the bold). It goes to...
  3. Skyrider

    Skyrider in search for an Image Gallery Script

    Hey guys, I'm in search for an Image Gallery script much like this one: Check out the laptop images with the arrows. I'm looking for such gallery. I've seen looking on quite...
  4. S

    Portfolio site <3 Skyrider :O :O :O crit comment etc, you've seen most before, some surprises for some peoples too :P. I'll probably have a lot more stuff on it soon, but I just needed it up while i go applying for jobs. thanks for the hosting Sky <3
  5. Damaera

    Skyrider no longer hates homosexuals!

    Gay is uncensored! Gay Gay Gay Gay Gay Gay Gay
  6. Skyrider

    Skyrider going on vacation!

    Next tuesday, I'll be leaving for 11 days as I'm going on vacation with my girl friend to spain (Majorka). Just letting you all know, and I am very sure a lot of you people will celebrate that I'm actually gone. Well, enjoy it while you have the chance :).
  7. Deverz

    Skyrider appreciation day

    Skyrider is awesome Discuss
  8. Phobius

    Happy Birthday Skyrider!!!

    Happy earlier birthday on my side of the world but I know its your birthday now! So just like in grega's b-day no more pics its all about the video's! Happy Birthday Sky!
  9. Skyrider

    Skyrider's Signature Request

    I'm here to request a Signature. I'm wanting one just like this one i use now, but more enhanced and better. I have all the images that you need to create it, just Private Message me if you want to do it. And i'll message you all the things you need.
  10. Kaination

    Happeh birfday Skyrider!

    woo \o\. Go nuts.
  11. Cold Steel

    Happy B-day Skyrider.

    Happy birthday dude, and i hope there will be many others in health. :cool:
  12. D

    My Reskins

    Independance Day Goku! Credits Mr. Smo ( I think that's all) SSJ3 Vegeta Credits: Turk (Hair and Tail edited by Kreshi And Gipper) and Skyrider
  13. Cold Steel


    For the people that where waiting for csp_namek_myst, Bobmaster40000 is compiling it right now. If i can catch skyrider on msn this afternoon, it will be up at RS this evening. My newest map, csp_kaiplanet, where gohan pulled the sword out of the rock, is allmost done. But i'm...
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