1. Optional

    Beams on the Skybox

    Instead of beams exploding on the skybox, could they just disappear instead for added realism? Or, maybe they could shrink (to look like they are flying away)?
  2. donnierisk

    :O 3d skybox!

    Hey all! I made my first map with a 3d skybox, what do you think? Ok I know it's not the best, but it's my first attempt, I'll improve! Thanks to: Final_shine
  3. donnierisk

    underwater and skybox.

    I've got 2 bugs to report, here they are: The first one was also in 1.2 but NOT in 1.1, when playing a map with water and you swim until the bottom where you get close to the ground underwater it just makes you fall as if there isn't any water there, I don't know the cause of the problem, all I...
  4. Sicron

    Skybox bug

    I couldn't find this in the Mantis bug report thing. (is there actually any search on that site?) Anyway, I was just playing some ESF, suddenly the server crashed (something that could be expected, I don't know why it crashed though) so the map restarted (ESF_cellgames_night, I think it was)...
  5. Ravendust

    Custom Skybox?

    I tried making a custom skybox for my Suguroku Space map but no matter how much I try, it always has the default Half-Life skybox. I made six 256x256 .tga's: sugurokuup.tga sugurokudn.tga sugurokubk.tga sugurokuft.tga sugurokulf.tga sugurokurt.tga Placed them in the esf/gfx/env...
  6. Theoboy

    Cell games skybox

    What is the name of the cell games skybox? You know like the namek skybox is called "2namek".
  7. Theoboy


    Is there anyone there will make me an skybox for my King Kai map?
  8. Theoboy

    Skybox by myself?

    How do I make my own pic to a skybox?
  9. ssj3Viper


    How can i make a skybox in hammer?
  10. S

    a way to stop skybox abuse... but still maintain coolness

    I dunno about you, but ive never been bounced off or smashed right into thin air and stuck there. I think in a way it is a cool thing to do sometimes, but it just is a bit rediculous how u stick in the middle of the sky or you bounce of the "ceiling". Keep in mind this idea is very rough, this...
  11. Sicron

    Skybox bug, battle arena

    i was playing ESF battle arena, then i reconnected and suddenly the whole skybox turned white instead of having a space skybox (picture = 1024X768)
  12. Masibu

    Request: Midgar

    Now, not quite sure if u can actually request maps, but... i was wondering if anyone could make a map of midgar from ff7? i wouldnt mind seeing a few final fantasy maps around
  13. U

    help! my skybox is freaking out!

    i dont know how this is happened.. but look at this.. and this and this happens in all the maps.. any1 got a idea of how i can stop this from happening?
  14. MSF

    Skybox error?

    HI all..... i have made a room behind a sky box.......and i can see this in the sky why? and how can i fixed that? Don't forget i am a German Boy, not a Game Boy ;)
  15. M

    my map

    sup peeps, i just made a tournament ring themed map and i want to see what you peeps think so far. the map isnt l337 but this is my first map ive made. its also still in developement. im going to add a skybox and make it bigger. also i would appreciate any suggestions and ideas for my map...
  16. S

    Skybox problem

    I just bought a newer video card, geforce4.. Before, the "rosat", you know the room of time and spirit map had a big skybox imaging that empty void. Now, with my ~new~ card installed, it is ALL grey and looks like total crap... O_o O_o O_o Does anybody know how to fix this problem?
  17. Pommy


    i have a suggestion for maps. make some clip around the map that you can hit instead so when you get meleed into a wall of the map everything doesn't disappear, you can still see everything.
  18. M


    Well our clan i about to release their first map it Supremekai planet not during the fight with Kid Buu but Before Gohan was there with a lake in the middle of the lake a peeked mountain with the Z-sword it it and some more eye candy i will post reference pics as soon as possible and soon after...
  19. R

    I need halp, please!

    OK that's my problem: When iam at the end (or at the top) of the map, all objects in the map just DISAPPEAR and i only can see players. How can i fix this problem?!:(
  20. G

    Simple question :)

    How to create a sky in WorldCraft? All is simple in this editor but sky is a problem for me.:confused: