1. |Overlord|

    kicked out of skool

    as some of u may noticed i had in my msn name "KICKED OUT OF SKOOL" anywho , my attendence was crap and i got kicked because of that , it seems i wasted 2yrs of my life time getting out of narrmeburn insane asslym (well ppl have mixed up insane asslym with skool , i just call it that , it's...
  2. Raven Blade

    Old Skool DBZ

    Dragonball Z:Arcade Looked quite interesting, a nice insight whats been done with DBZ in the past. I didnt even know DBZ arcade games existed. Note: Do not ask for ROMS. Any links will be removed. The images above are taken by MAME Creators via emulator though neither myself or the...
  3. Ness

    Old skool sig

    I got bored and started working on another Sonic sig (once again thnx Skyline). What dya think? p.s. the background looks quite faded and blurred, im working on it :]
  4. S

    Yesss!! Do It!

    YESS do it please!!! just try to enlarge the muscles very mutch and another color on the pant no u can have the same color but some marks on it ! please do it!
  5. X

    An idea to bring everyones Favorite Old Skool Characters together! new mode!

    How about we have a mode where people can play 1on1 with Fighters who are in DBZ but dont fight anymore atleast not as much as they used to. I dont mean the current Z-Warriors... something like Saibamen Master Roshi Crane Hermit(Tien and Chout-zu's former master) Chichi Kami Tao Pai...
  6. C

    broli sig

    Can someone make me a sig of broli? i'd like one where he's like standing up strate and like you scroll down and you see krillin.....who only come's up to his boot.... :devgrin:
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