1. S

    Skiwans Dump (lots of images)

    Heya, been a while since I showed you what I was doing, partly because of my WoW obsession and partly because of laziness. I'm getting back into things at the moment so I'm making more progress than before. I've been doing a lot of anatomy studies atm, but I dont want to bore you with copies...
  2. PiXel

    Frieza - Skiwans Concept - Ingame preview/animation/fixes

    this thread is just about the frieza i made a few months ago. (concept: by davidskiwan) the concept was drawn by Davidskiwan and it looked so cool , that i simply had to model it. Actually it was though to get it ingame as it...
  3. PiXel

    Frieza - Skiwans Concept

    uhm i promised him to model his frieza, so what i got for now: im luckly on a 1.6k tris count, so i will luckly have space for the armour, wichi hope do do in less then 500 tris. Gotta try to get it ingame, though dunno how about own animations, rather not, will see. the skinning will...