skins or models

  1. J

    help with skins/models

    I know how to download skins/ models for the game but my problem is that i dont know how to get them in the game so i can play them. How can i get these skins/models into the game so i can play them? help please. And also dont send me anystupid links or anything i like that ur trying to help...
  2. W


    how do i get new carakters ? i whant to play as android 18. But i don't know how and i can't downloade any new models..... what's the problem ??????? :confused:
  3. A

    does anyone know where to download skins/models for esf?

    especially cell models cause the 2nd form esf model is really ****
  4. A


    if i want to edit some like the suit on a model what programm do i need o_o and more stuff :p
  5. S

    What program do you need to create skins/models?

    what do u need to make skins and where to download it? much appreciated.
  6. S

    esf skins/models

    hey does any1 know where i can get a tutorial on how to make models, or can any1 here that is a modler/skinner, make a simplified tutorial if it is possible. anything would help e-mail me at: [email protected] thx for your time
  7. wAcK_Bardock

    Where the hell can i get new skins/models for esf??

    I need some web iteswhere i can get new models/skins and or maps for esf can some one help! thanks