1. A

    i need ure help guys

    hey guys , i decided i wanna try my luck in modelling/skinning/reskinning so i wanted to ask u l33t modellers/skinners, gimme some good tutorials , i have read the stickey , and that tutorial for ms3d didnt help , so im just asking , be kind , gimme some tutorials , something basic...
  2. T

    Im searching or people who can model/skin realy good

    hey im making with some other people a mod called Dragonball Full Strenght we hope to make this mod popular and need all good help. its based on quake 3 and need very good modelers/skinners i realy thank you if you have interessed plz respond here thx heres wat we need more:
  3. G

    Hey , skinners!

    I'm a newbie skinner ,and I was wondering if any of ya could give me a hand .. I have photoshop 7.0 .. My mail is I would love if ya could help me a bit over msn . Thanks ..
  4. Z

    god gundam andother skinners mappers and modlers

    i wanted to ask if some budy had some time to help us pleas do ( espechialy god gundam) we are making a mod called : the legend of zelda: smash time inthe first person you can play the game ocarina of time but then better and in the multy player you can play a sort of smash bros dath match with...
  5. B

    Favourite Skinner

    The last thread that attempted this kinda got mixed up and wasn't overall a nice thread. I am doing this because i noticed a decent interest in the thread. Those that want added to the list please tell me, in the thread. You have to post an example of your work to help with the judgeing! :D...
  6. Epedemic_Optikz

    Who Is Ur Favorite Modeller or Skinner

    I Pick AzN_Dragon.Sorry If I Missed Any Good Modelers and Skinners.:]
  7. X

    Turles..the Re-skin of Goku Request

    Yo wazup? I was wondering if anyone would reskin Goku and make a Turles skin. That is of course, if the skinners aren't too busy shuving beams and fists of players asses. Just think about it, if you do, thats cool, if you dont, hey i'm still alive. Thanks for reading, off I go to kill more...
  8. B

    Rules For Posting Your Work.

    As of late I have noticed alot of unacceptable behaviour regarding peoples work and I believe these rules will help keep trouble to a minimum and make your forum surfing alot easier and more pleasurable. So before or when showing the community your work or commenting on others work please...
  9. N

    Hey, I got a question

    Is it possible for someone to make a mesh and save it so stupid people like me don't have to try and make one? I'd like to try my hand in skinning cuz im fairly gud with 2d GFX, but I'm having a ***** of a time mapping out the skin :(
  10. 4xMega-Saiyajin

    Modeler/skinner/mapper needed

    Hey guys , the -=SSJ-Project=- is searching some modeler/skinner/mapper and maybe a 2d artist for making some pics ! We have made some SSJ8´s and We wanne make everyone like "Bebi" (u know Bebi-Vegeta) but we need modeler and skinner for that, now we just have one guy for that , so if u r...
  11. xstortionist

    Attention all experienced modellers, mappers, skinners, and coders!!! please read

    Ok, I've finally got my self together to start up a new Half-Life/Quake3 modification. This modification will be a car game, much like Quake3 Ralley/HL Ralley, but I'm wanting it to be a little bit more high tech and futuristic. I am really looking for modellers, mappers, and...