skin or model

  1. Zou Anli

    May you make a Picohan skin/model ?

    :] please
  2. S

    The New Vegeta Skin/Model

    Theres something on the model that isent looking right.. when you look at vegeta from the side... the hair looks funny.. it doesent look like the hair in the series.. (BTW...vegeta's hair should stand up EVEN more when he turns SSJ) well doesent matter really, but i just wanted to say...
  3. Ecchi Pr0n

    ESF skin/model uttity *SP*(plz fix me)

    anyway if you guys get bored or anything why dont you make diff skins and models and a uttility to change them so theres different skins like gohan-purple gee gohan-sayain armor gohan-in gokus gee(the one in movie 9) gohan-in piccolos gee it may seem alot of work but actully its not...