1. Ryoko

    Grieve for the Skies

    Yay, I made a FF9 wallpaper! Do you like it? Any suggestions or comments?
  2. U

    Hey... My skies are messed up...

    I used the white sky fix... some time ago, (but I think I've since reinstalled) but all of the skies in the beta so far, and a few of the levels have a problem with textures. They're displaying as holes in the map (very odd looking, if you know what I'm talking about). Why is this happening...
  3. Kama

    Map Skies

    Ok well, I know it's standard on the Q3 engine, and I was thinking that because ESF is going for so much GFX, with maps and models and sprites, etc., etc... Maybe you could alter the engine to have moving skies like Q3? And yes I know the skies work differently in Q3 but it could work on...
  4. LaMM

    Little Question!!!

    I just started mapping and now i want to map for esf, ive only got one little problem/question. Can i use the textures of the normal halflife or can i only use the ones of esf (i would like to use the hl textures cuz then i've got more textures and good skies!!! THnx in advance!!!!!!
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